The Cassell Family

(Ancestors, Siblings and Descendants of Anna E. Cassell Daily - my great-great-grandmother)

Updated October 17, 2008

Biography of Anna E. Daily (nee Cassell)
(Her line is John - Christian - William - Christian - Anna)

Cassell Family Photos

Descendant Outlines
For John Cassell and descendants.

Genealogy Reports

Cassell Family Documents
Wills, Marriage License, Census Records, Death Certificates, etc.

News Items from the Past
Articles printed in local papers for the descendants of William Cassell

Cassell Family Biographies
For John Cassell (the beginning of my Cassell line) and descendants.  Also includes John's brother Frederick. 

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Biography of Anna E. Cassell
(Her Parents were Christian Cassell and Elizabeth Smith, Her Grandparents were William Cassell and  Elizabeth Leidig, Her Great-grandparents were Christian Cassel and Barbara Berry)


Descendant Outlines

  1. John Cassel and Anna Maria Gertraut
  2. Frederick Cassel and Elizabeth Berst  Updated 11/01/08
  3. Michael Cassel and Anna Marie King  Updated 11/06/08

Genealogy Reports

Descendants of Michael Cassel and Anna Marie King  

Descendants of Frederick Cassel and Elizabeth Berst  

Descendants of John Cassel and Anna Marie Gertrude  

Descendants of William Cassell and Elizabeth Leidig

Cassell Family Documents

Cassell Family News Items:
 I've separated the news items into sections so that you can see what happens to your family through the years.

The Family of John Cassell  (John Cassell and his children, John "Frank", Charles H., Ella Danley, Arminnie "Minnie" Linehan and Anna Florence Andrews)

The Family of Berry Hill Cassell (Berry Hill Cassell and his children Thomas Albert, Clara  and Baron Hilton Cassell)

 Other Cassell Families

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