The Family of Moses B. Daily and Anna E. Cassell

Moses B. Daily (1846-1913)

Moses spent his early years in Pennsylvania. Sometime in the mid 1850's his family moved to Illinois. His brother Joseph married in Putnam County in 1856 so it is unclear if his parents had died and he moved with his older brother or if his entire family had moved to Putnam County. Between 1859 and 1865, his brother Joseph lived in Iowa, so Moses may have spent part of his early life there. By 1872, Moses was living in Putnam County, Illinois. Moses and Anna spent the first few years of their married life in Florid where Moses worked as a farm laborer and on the road crews around Putnam County. By 1893, they had moved to Peoria, Illinois, where they remained until around 1902. Around 1902, Moses and his family moved back to Florid, Illinois. Moses and Anna continued living in Florid until the fall of 1913, when they moved to Peoria to live with their daughter. On November 30, 1913, Moses caught lumbar pneumonia. He died at his daughter's home 5 days later. Moses was laid to rest in the Florid cemetery on December 7, 1913.

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Albert Elsworth Daily (1874-1935)

Albert Daily was born on October 18, 1874 in Florid, Illinois,which is a little village 4 miles south of Hennepin in Putnam County. Albert spent most of his childhood in Putnam County, Illinois. He only had a 3rd grade education and worked most of his life as a farm laborer. Albert and Lillian Beck were married on March 20, 1907 in Florid Illinois by clergyman O.M. Snyder at Lily's home in Florid, Illinois.

Albert and Lilliet lived with Lillie's parents for the first 3 years of their married life, while Albert worked for Ed Reynolds farming “the bottoms”.  Sometime before 1910, they joined Lillie's brother John in Peoria. Lillie's father Joseph had a severe stroke in July of 1912 and Lillie and Albert moved in with Harry Clemens at Todd's Point to be closer to her parents.. By 1914, Albert and his family had moved by boat back to Peoria and Albert went to work in a factory there.  Albert worked at a small factory there called Stubert and Cubs. Albert designed a hose coupling for them and received credit for it. They gave him a gold ring with a onyx stone.

Albert's father-in-law, Joseph Beck's health had been failing for several years. Then in September of 1914, he had a severe stroke that left him helpless. Albert's mother-in-law Rosa, had broken her wrist earlier that year and could not take care of her husband any longer. Albert and his family moved back in with Lily's parents to take care of them in September of 1914. They stayed with Rosa and Joseph until after Joseph's death in February of 1915.

In March of 1917, Albert moved his family to the H. G. Meyer tenant house again. In March of 1918, Albert went to the Spring Valley hospital for an operation for an infection of the glands on his neck. He came through the operation with no problems and was back home in 2 weeks.  Albert belonged to the Modern Woodsmen (an insurance association) in 1920. The Putnam Record stated that he was elected watchman in December of 1920.  Albert worked for George Breneman as farm laborer from 1921 to 1925. He and his family lived on a farm outside of Florid owned by George Breneman from 1921 to 1925. They then moved to a farm owned by Peter Stoens in 1925.

Albert was described by his children as being a kind and gentle man. He never scolded and always played with his children. The only time he ever yelled at them was when they broke his colt before it was ready. Albert also played the guitar. His brother Earl had a band and he and his son Haroll would sometimes join them when they played. They even played a few times during the 1930's for WLPO, a radio station in LaSalle, Illinois.

Albert lived near Putnam, Illinois in 1929. He then moved to Oxbow, which was near Magnolia, Illinois (it no longer exists) and lived there from 1931 to 1934. Albert's final home was in McNabb, Illinois with his son Haroll.  He was cutting brush along the road in 1935 and caught pneumonia. He died a short time later on March 14, 1935 and was buried along side his brother, Roy in the Florid cemetery.

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Lillie “Mae” Daily (1876-1957)

Mae Daily was born on May 19, 1876 in Florid, Illinois which is a little village 4 miles south-east of Hennepin in Putnam County. Not much is known about May's childhood. She spent her early years living in the village of Florid. By 1893, May's family had moved to Peoria, Illinois. May was married at the age of 17 to George Edward Ealey (Ed) on January 1, 1893. They were married by Reverend J.R. Nolf. May and Ed's fathers were the witnesses to the wedding.  

May and Ed settled in Peoria, Illinois. They had 6 children - Lester; Elsie, Albert, Edward, Alice, and Myrtle.  May lived in Peoria, Illinois most of her life, except for the summer of 1906, when May and her family stayed in Florid. In July of 1913, May's parents decided to move back to Peoria and stayed with May and Ed. In December of the same year, May's father, Moses Daily died of pneumonia.

May's mother continued to make her home with them during the next few years. In November of 1919, May's mother remarried and moved next door. May and Ed were living at 806 Charleston Street in Peoria. Her mother and new husband resided in front and her brother Earl Daily and family lived in the rear of the house next door, at 808 Charleston Street.. Two places down were her daughter, Esther and family at 812 Charleston Street.

May and her family continued living in Peoria. In 1934, May and Ed were living on Smith Street in Peoria, Illinois. On June 21, 1934, her husband George died at their home. After her husband's death, May continued living in Peoria.By 1942, May was living in Geneva, Illinois. On March 9, 1944, at the age of 68, Lillie May married William S. Leathers in Geneva, Illinois. Along with a new husband, May became stepmother to eight children. They were Carl, Elza, William, Florence, Icle, Janvee, June and Marie. May and William made their home in Peoria, Illinois. They continued living in Peoria the rests of their lives.

May's last home was at 2618 W. Meidoth St. in Peoria, Illinois. Her health had begun to fail and her niece Edith Bliss can remember May being hospitalized for heart problems at the hospital where Edith worked. Shortly before her death, May went to stay with her stepdaughter Marie in Geneva, Illinois for the Christmas holiday. On Tuesday, January 1, 1957 at 3 AM, Lillie May passes away in her sleep. She was laid to rest at Springdale cemetery, in Peoria, Illinois at 1 PM on Friday, January 4, 1957.

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Rolland “Roy” Daily (1881-1923)

Roy Daily was born on May 29, 1881 in either Florid or Decatur, Illinois.Not much is known of Roy's early life. According to the paper for Peoria, Illinois, his family moved to Peoria around 1886, when he was about 6 years old. He was listed in the 1899 census for Peoria County, Peoria, Illinois, along with his father, mother, brothers and sisters as living at 1829 S. Washington Street, Peoria, Illinois.

On September 25, 1904, at the age of 23, Roy married Bessie Allen in Peoria, Illinois. The ceremony was performed by Reverend Edward Thomas Munns. Roy and his wife continued living in Peoria and visited Roy's family as much as possible. Roy and Bessie had four children, two sons, Dewaine and Demott  and two daughters, Zelda and Wanda.  Their daughter Zelda only lived for 1 month and died on February 14, 1908. Roy and Bessie's daughter Wanda was born in 1906. They lost her on November 16, 1908. Both children were buried in Florid, Illinois. Roy and Bessie were still living in Peoria at this time.

Roy was listed in the 1910 census for Putnam County-Hennepin Township, with his wife and son. Roy worked as a laborer most of his life. By 1912, Roy had moved his family to Ford Central (which no longer exists) in Putnam County, Illinois. The same year the Putnam Record mentioned that he moved to Sprinkleburg (another village that no longer exists in Putnam County) and then moved back to Peoria, Illinois on September 23, 1912. On December 4, 1913, Roy's father died of Pneumonia. Roy gave the information for the death certificate.

The Putnam Record showed that Roy and his family continued visiting relatives in Florid over the next several years in Florid from Peoria. While visited in July of 1915, Roy had a pretty severe accident. The Wednesday, July 21, 1915 edition of the Putnam Record stated, "Roy Daily stepped on a scythe last Saturday evening while trying to mow some weeds and cut his foot severely. Dr. Brinkerhoff dressed the foot and Roy is getting along as well as could be expected.".

Roy continued living in Peoria the remainder of his life.  According to the 1920 Census for Peoria County, Roy and his family were living at 208 Smith Street in Peoria, Illinois. At that time, Roy worked as a Brakeman for the Roadway Railroad. Roy's final home was at 826 Warner Avenue in Peoria, Illinois. The Peoria Star, one of the newspapers for Peoria, Illinois reported that Roy had enjoyed his usual health until Monday afternoon, August 6, 1923. He went home that afternoon from work because he was ill. Roy's family wasn't alarmed because he didn't seem that ill. Then on August 8, 1923, at 7:00 PM, a blood vessel suddenly burst, causing his death. His death was very unexpected and the Putnam Record stated that the people in Florid were shocked and in sorrow when they were informed of his death. He was given a quiet graveside service the Saturday evening following his death in Florid, Illinois.

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Otto "Earl" Daily (1892-1951)

Earl Daily was born on April 2,1892 in city of Peoria, Illinois, the youngest of 4 children.  Earl’s family lived on Washington Street in Peoria when he was a child. In the early 1900’s, his family moved to the small village of Florid which is a few miles south-east of Hennepin, Illinois. His father worked as a laborer helping fix the roads for the county or work the fields for local farmers. Earl attended the village school and helped his father during his spare time.

When Earl was 19, he left home and moved to Peoria to try to find work. He met his future wife, Sara “Tillie” Hickman there in Peoria. Earl and Tillie were married on July 28, 1912 in Peoria, Illinois. Together Earl and Sara had 10 children - Benjamin, Fred, Roy, Gerald, Edith, Marge, Eileen, James, Genevie, and Shirley.

Earl and Tillie lived near Peoria, Illinois for most of their life. In the early years of his married life, the family lived at a Salvation Army Camp near Peoria. Tillie always wanted to live in Peoria so in 1935, Earl moved to the city.  Tillie, unfortunately passed away three short years later in 1938. Earl enjoyed a close relationship with his children and they even formed a band together. Earl played the violin, his sons Fred and Roy played guitars. His son Benjamin played the banjo and his son Jerry played the ukulele. His daughters would sing. Their band played at churches, taverns and in Florid, Illinois for dances. They even played a few times for WLPO, a radio station in LaSalle, Illinois. His brother Albert and nephew Haroll would sometimes join them.

On June 1, 1933, the front paper of the Putnam Record had an article about one of Earl's concerts. It stated, " On Sunday afternoon, June 4, the Earl Daily family of Peoria will give a sacred concert at the Florid church, beginning at 2:00. Earl Daily was a Florid boy and is well known in the community. His coming to his old home with a family that is able to entertain in the roll of a concert is interesting and the old church aught to be full to the doors. Not only his friends but anyone who enjoys music is most cordially invited to take in the concert and meet the boy of the other days and greet his family as well. The roads are good to Florid now and it is only a few minutes run."

Later in life, Earl went to live with his son Benjamin. It was during this time that Earl lost most of his prize possessions. He had his family history packed away in a big trunk and during one of the big floods, it was lost to the Illinois river. Seven years before his death, Earl went to work at Caterpillar Tractor Company. During that time he moved back to North Adams Street in Peoria, Illinois.  Earl became ill shortly before his death and was admitted to St. Francis hospital, Peoria, Illinois on June 8, 1951. He died at 8:20 PM Thursday, July 5, 1951 at St. Francis hospital in Peoria, Illinois. Earl was laid to rest beside his wife in the little cemetery in Florid, Putnam County, Illinois.

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