The Family of John Henry Cassell and Susan Griener

Susan Levenis Cassell (nee Griener) (1849-1912)

Susan Griener was born on May 23, 1849 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  She came to Illinois with her parents when she was a young girl and grew up in the village of Florid, which is 4 miles south of Hennepin in Putnam County, Illinois.  On May 10, 1868, Susan married John Henry Cassell in Putnam County, Illinois.  They had seven children - James, Dorothy (Dolly), Edwin, Albert, Daisy, Mary Marie (Mirtle), and Minnie May.  Minnie died in infancy.  

After their marriage, John and Susan settled on a farm in Hennepin Township (probably John's father's), where John worked as a farm laborer.  Later they moved to Magnolia Township near Granville, where their bought their own farm. Susan and John continued to live near Granville their remainder of their married life.  John died in 1911.  A year later, in October of 1912, Susan had a stroke at her sister, Mrs. Charles Bartlett's home.  She never recovered and died on October 21, 1912 at her sister's home.  After her death, Susan was bired in the Florid cemetery beside her husband.

*The 1870 census had a Jill Griner living with John H. and Susan Cassell - age 16)


(John Cassel- Christian - William Cassell- Augustus - John Henry - Albert)
Albert "Bert" Cassell (1869-?)

Bert Cassell was born on February 28, 1869 in Putnam County, Illinois.  He spent his childhood in Putnam County.  On June 20, 1899, Albert married Zella Franklin in Granville, Putnam County, Illinois.  They had two children, Arnold and Goldie.  By 1912, Albert was living in Corning, Iowa.  He continued living in Corning, Iowa most of his life.  In 1951, Bert and Zella spent the winter months with their daughter, Goldie, who was living in Washington, Illinois.  It is unknown if they ever returned to Iowa.


(John Cassel- Christian - William Cassell- Augustus - John Henry - Edwin Lee)
Edwin Lee Cassell (1870-1947)

Edwin Lee Cassell was born on May 20, 1870 on a farm in Putnam county, Illinois.  He spent his childhood in Putnam county.  Edwin met his future bride, Dora at his brotherJames's home in Idaho where she worked as a housekeeper.  In 1906 Edwin married Dora Belle Lea in a small wedding at the local court house in Parma, Idaho.  Edwin and Dora had nine children. They were Susan, Mildred, Barney, Tony, Charles, Lorell, Peter, Edward and Viola.  They had a midwife for a couple of children but Edwin delivered most of his children.

Edwin had bought a farm in Idaho.  He brought Dora home to a new modern lathe and plaster house that had 5 or 6 rooms on a farm of 160 acres near Parma, Idaho.  Edwin worked to clear the sage brush and greasewooed and planted alfalfa.  He also set out an orchard.  At first all they had was the farm, a team of horses, two cows and a flock of turkeys. They started building up a floack of sheep from the shepherds passing through to summer pastures.  The shepherds would leave some of the lambs that were too small to travel.  Edwin and Dora would feed them by bottle and keep them in the house because it was too cold for them in the barn.

There was a large irrigation ditch that Edwin used to water their crops.  The men would take a swim in there in the afternoon to cool off before dinner.  As time went on, the irrigation ditch got lower and lower.  The farmers at the upper end were holding out on the farmers at the end of the line and Edwin and Dora were getting less and less water.  Then Edwin's brother James, who had moved to the state of Washington, told them that there was plenty of work there.

So in 1911, Edwin and his family moved by train to Hoquiam, Washington.  They settled at first in Moclips, Washington where Edwin worked in a fish cannery.  He had to go down to the beach and bring up logs on his shoulders to keep the cannery burner going all night.  His shoulders would blister and bleed from pulling up the logs from the beach.

Next Edwin moved his family to Hoquiam, where they lived in a boathouse.  When the tide was high, there was a couple of inches of water on the floor so they had to put everything up high.  Edwin and Dora then heard of Hoh River Valley, two miles south of Forks, Washington.  They moved by barg to Hoh River and rented a house.  Later they bought their family homestead of 33 acres and built their own home.  Edwin and Dora continued to live on their homestead the remainder of their lives.  Edwin died in June of 1947.


(John Cassel- Christian - William Cassell- Augustus - John Henry - Minnie May)
Minnie May Cassell (1872-1873)


(John Cassel- Christian - William Cassell- Augustus - John Henry - James Jasper)
James Jasper Cassell (1874-1948)


(John Cassel- Christian - William Cassell- Augustus - John Henry - Myrtle)
Mary Marie "Myrtle" Henning (nee Cassell) (1878-1956)

Myrtle Cassell was born on May 25, 1878 in Cottage Hill, Putnam County, Illinois.  She grew up on a farm in the Cottage Hill community.  On June 28, 1900, Myrtle married Elisha George "Lash" Henning at the Congregational Church Parsonage in Granville, Putnam County, Illinois.  They had eight children, James, Julia, Virgil, Grace, June, Elisha Jr., Henry and Mark.  Mark died in infancy.

After their marriage Myrtle and Lash moved to Oregon for a short while.  By December of 1901, they had moved from Oregon to Kewanee, Illinois, where being unable to find a home, Lash built one.  By September of 1902, Mirtle and Elisha had moved to Granville, Illinois where they lived from 1902 until 1911. Lash was a carpenter by trade and when the coal mines opened in Mark and Granville IL., he built hundreds of miner's homes.

In 1912, Myrtle and Lash moved their family to a farm outside of Florid, Illinois, which is a little village 4 miles southeast of Hennepin where Lash built them a new home. .  They lived on that farm the rest of their lives.  In November of 1917, Myrtle became seriously ill with influenza and was confined to her bed for over three months.  That same year, her son James died of influenza.  Myrtle recovered and went on to enjoy a full happy life.  In July of 1947, Myrtle and Lash celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary.  All of their children and grandchildren were present.

Several months before her death, in 1956, Myrtle became seriously ill.  She died at 5:10 am, on Monday, January 16, 1956 at Perry Memorial Hospital, Princeton, Illinois.  After her death, Myrtle was buried in the Florid cemetery.


(John Cassel- Christian - William Cassell- Augustus - John Henry - Daisy)
Daisy Lucas (nee Cassell) (1880 - 1954)

Daisy Lucas was born on August 14, 1880 in Putnam County, Illinois.  Daisy spent her childhood in Putnam County.  On July 2, 1902 she married William H. Lucas in Hennepin, Illinois.  They had two children, Velma who died as a small child and Chester.  Daisy and William lived in Hennepin for the next 13 years.

After William's death in 1917, Daisy moved to Beatrice, Nebraska sometime between 1918 and 1921.  Except for several extended visits back to Putnam county, Daisy remained in Beatrice the remainder of her life.  She died on November 27, 1954 in Beatrice, Nebraska.


(John Cassel- Christian - William Cassell- Augustus - John Henry - Dolly)
Dorothy Pearl "Dolly" Brainard (nee Cassell) (1882 - 1940)


*Note:  The July 18, 1940 edition of the Putnam Record states that Dolly's last name was Martin at the time of her death.

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