The Family of William Baer Cassell and Anna M. Edwards

Anna M. Cassell (nee Edwards)

Anna Edwards was born on the old Edwards family farm 2 miles west of McNabb in Putnam County, Illinois on April 20, 1848.  Anna grew up in Putnam county.  As a young woman, she became a member of the Strawn Methodist Church. On December 9, 1865, she married Hiram Dunbar.  They had two daughters, Mattie and Rena.  Anna's husband died of pneumonia on February 20, 1871, leaving her with two small children.

Three years later, Anna married Bill Cassell on August 16, 1875 in Putnam County, Illinois.  Anna and Bill settled in the Cottage Hill community west of present McNabb.  There they had three children, Peoria, Bessie and Harry.  Anna contineued to live out the remainder of her life at Cottage Hill. She remainded a member of the Strawn Methodist Church her entire life and was also president of the Ladies Aid Society.

Anna's husband, Bill died on December 9, 1915.  In 1915, Anna had a paralytic stroke which left her an invalid.  After that her health continued to decline and she had several heart attacks.  She died of heart failure at her home, 3 1/2 miles west of McNabb in the early morning of Thursday, September 20, 1917.

After her death, she was buried in the Edwards family plot in the Florid cemetery.  Her husband's body was then moved beside her and the next year, a beautiful marker was erected on their gravesite.


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