Esther Cassell and Thomas Albert News

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
April 22, 1879

Mrs. Rosa Oberndorfer and children, of Mikwaukee, Wisconsin, accompanied by Miss Sallie albert, are in th city visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Albert

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
April 22, 1879

Forty Years of Wedded Bliss

Justice T. B. Albert and Wife Celebrate their Linen Wedding

A Happy Group in Attendance

Just forty years ago yesterday, Thomas B. Albert and Esther Cassell were joined in wedlock in Dauphin county, Pennsylvania by Rev. Mr. Dobson. In the autumn of the same year of their marriage, the then young couple concluded to seek a home in the West, and emigrated to Putnam County, this State, where they made their home until 1855, when they came to Decatur and have since that time resided here.

During the twenty-four years of their residence in Decatur, Mr. Albert has been connected in various ways with the business of the town, sometimes conducting enterprises of his own, and at other times as an employee of other business men, and has always shown himself to be a competent manager both of his own affairs and the business of others when entrusted to his care.

Six years ago the people of the township indicated their confidence in the integrity and ability of “Uncle Tommy”, as he is familiarly called, by electing him gave a renewed expression of their confidence by re-electing him to the same important office.

Thus things have moved on with these good people up to the present time, and last night they celebrated the fortieth anniversary of their wedding by inviting their neighbors and friends to join them in a suitable observance of an anniversary which so few married people ever reach.

In response to invitations sent out about fifty of the friends and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Albert assembled at their pleasant home on South Main street last evening, where a few hours were pleasantly spent with them and their three children who were present, Mrs. Henry Oberndorfer, and Miss Sallie Albert, the two daughters, having come from Milwaukee, to be present at the linen wedding of their parents.

The evening passed in most agreeable manner, and at a proper hour the company was invited to partake of a most elegant and bountiful repast, which was prepared under the direction of Mrs. Albert herself.

It is needless to say that many presents, both useful and valuable, showed the high esteem in which the good Squire and his Lady are held, and the occasion will be remembered by all present as among the most enjoyable events of the season.

Decatur Daily Republican,
April 5, 1880

Henry Cassell says his name was brought before the Republican convention without his consent and against his protest. But isn’t it a little strange that he want to run on the Republican ticket in this township. He gets off one good thing in his car, however, when he repudiates the “Citizens’ Ticket”, and wants it understood that he is running on his merits. That is “an awful thlam” on that ticket when one of the men on it takes pains to make it known that he prefers not to be recognized as belonging to it.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
November 30 1880

Justice Albert's Birthday Party

The comfortable home of Justice and Mrs. Thomas B. Albert, on South Main street, last night, was the scene of a very pleasant social gathering. The party was given by the jovial Squire in honor of the 64th anniversary of his birthday, and in response to a large number of invitations, the following more intimate friends of the family, among others, assembled at the hour appointed: Mr. and Mrs. H. Mueller, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kuny, Mr. and Mrs. H. Post, Justice and Mrs. J L. Peake, Mr. and Mrs. George Riebsamen, Mr. and Mrs. John Cassell, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cassell, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cassell, mr. and Mrs. Wm. Scaulan, Prof. And Mrs. A. Goodman, Mr. Powers, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Bassey, Mr. and Mrs. Cahs. Marcott, Mr. and Mrs. A. Chandler, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Daly, Mrs. L. Cassell, Frank Cassell, Miss Dora Matheny, Chas. Cassell and Miss Etta Cassell. The guests brought with them an elegant easy chair as a mark of their esteem. This magnificent gift to the Squire took him completely by surprise. "Uncle Tommy" was totally bewildered for a time; and it was some moments before he could find suitable words to give audible expression to the thankfulness which filled his heart. His confusion was greatly enjoyed by the company, and all eyes were turned upon him as he arose to make his brief acknowledgements. At 10 o'clock a bountiful repast was served, to which all did full justice. Those who participated in this party will long remember it as one of the most delightful social affairs in their experience.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
January 12, 1881

Justice Albert paid Justice Curtis a friendly call this forenoon, and exchanged the compliments of the season with him. While there visiting Justice’s ears were greeted by sharp words uttered by Mrs. Tucker, who appears to have a dislike for him. She got no reply from “Uncle Tommy,” and he left the room with his hat on.


Hennepin, February 9, 1882

Thomas Albert of Decatur visited his brother, Daniel Albert of this place last Monday having been called to Florid to attend the funeral of his brother-in-law Christian Cassell. The brothers had not met for 11 years.


May 25, 1882

Joseph B. Albert of Florid returned from Decatur this week where he had attended the funeral of his cousin William A. Albert. Deceased passed away May 17. He was a veteran of late war, was 41 years of age and born at Florid.


March 18, 1883

Married at the home of the bride on February 17 in Decatur by T.B. Albert, J.P., Joseph Cassell of Florid and Mrs. Katie Chambers.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
June 26 1883

Daniel Albert, of Hennepin, Putnam county, Illinois, is in the city visiting his brother, Justice Albert. Daniel is in the 72d year of his age, and is on his way home from Indiana, where he has been visiting his children.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
April 23, 1889 - Page 2

The Albert Golden Wedding

The fiftieth marriage anniversary of Squire and Mrs. Thomas B. Albert, who have lived in Decatur nearly all their married life, was celebrated last night at their home at 214 South Main street, the dwelling being crowded with hosts of friends who assembled to congratulate the genial couple on the occasion of their golden wedding. Uncle Tommy and his wife appeared to be as young as they were 25 years ago, and both were active in greeting friends and extending the hospitality of their home. A splendid supper was served to all in the north room.

Thomas B. Albert and Miss Esther Cassell were married near Harrisburg, in Dauphin county, Pa., on April 24, 1839 by Rev. Dobson, of the Church of God. They came to Decatur in 1839. In 1858 the couple took charge of the old Pennsylvania House, now the Hotel Brunswick and kept the house six years, when they removed to 211 South Main where they have since resided. They are the parents of six children. Only two are living. They are Miss Sallie Albert and Mrs. Henry M. Oberndorfer, of Milwaukee, Wis. Mrs. O. is the mother of ten children, two of whom with Miss Albert attended the celebration. Mrs. Albert is sister of B. H. Cassell, Michael Cassell and Henry Cassell of Decatur, Squire John Cassell of Niantic, Judge Cassell, Joseph Cassell and Mrs. James Allen of Putnam county. The brothers of T. B. Albert are Jacob Albert of Long Creek, Daniel Albert of Putnam and Joseph and John Albert who reside in Dauphin county. He has a sister residing at Lebanon, Pa.

T. B. Albert is in the 73d year of his age and Mrs. Albert is in her 67th year. Mr. Albert's early occupation was that of a carpenter. Coming to Decatur in 1839, he worked at his trade here for several weeks and then went to Putnam county. He went to California where he spent a year and returned to Decatur to engage in farming pursuits. In 1857 he became a clerk in John Ullrich's grocery store, and there he remained until he took charge of the hotel. In 1867 he was first elected a justice of the peace, holding that office for a period of 17 years, going out of office in 1884. At present he is engaged in the nursery business for Samuel Boneham.

There were present at the party six persons who attended school together at West Haven, Pa. They were T. B. Albert, Mrs. Albert, Jacob Albert, B. H., Henry and Michael Cassell. There were six children in the Albert family and all are living. The eldest is 85 years old. On the Cassell side there were 11 children, of whom 8 are living. The eldest is Judge Cassell, aged 80, who has been a justice of the peace in Putnam county 45 years and is now county judge. The youngest is 60 years old.

The Gifts

The gift to the couple were mostly gold. The cash included $10 from Capt. C. Riebsame, Bloomington; $5, B. H. Cassell; $6, Mrs. Oberndorfer and sister; $2, Mother Cassell; $1, Kate Chandler; $2.50 Mr. And Mrs. Hilton Cassell; $2.50 Mrs. Pearce; $2.50 W. H. Baugher; $1, Mrs. E. A. Stroh; $5, Mr. And Mrs. Henry Cassell; $2, Mr. And Mrs. William Whitchel; $1, Mrs. Esther Albert; $5, David Cassell; $5, Rosanna Allen; $5, Judge Cassell; $5 Mrs. A. Goodman and Miss Brown; a total of $60.50. The other presents were Gold-headed silk umbrellas from Mr. And Mrs. F. W. Wismer and Mr. And Mrs. A. F. Fremont; silver butter dish, Mr. And Mrs. H. Post; Japanese silk bead rest, Maude Oberndorfer; silk perfume satchel, Edna Oberndorfer; Turkish towel and heavy Oriental table cover decked with tinsel, Mr. And Mrs. E. C. Bassey; large Mexican cactus in bloom, B. H. Cassell; set of cut glass goblets in case, Mr. And Mrs. Charles McCune; gold timble for Grandma from her two grandsons; blooming plants from Mrs. Captain Reibsame.

Decatur Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1889 > May > 9

Squire Albert Hurt

The other evening ex-Justice T. B. Albert, now past 72 years of age, met with a serious misfortune while moving hay from his barn loft in the alley on South Main Street. He was at work alone, and in some manner fell off his small spring wagon, the fall breaking one of his hip bones. The Squire and his wife are now keeping house of B. H. Cassell at the latter's new residence on Cassell's Hill, and there the injured man who was so spry at the celebration of his recent golden wedding, is prostrated upon a bed waiting for the broken bones to heal. He has rented his south Main Street property


Decatur, September 1, 1900

T. B. Albert Dead

T. B. Albert, died at his home on Cassell Home at 10:30 last night aged 84 years. The deceased had been a sufferer from Bright's disease for the past ten years his advanced age along with the disease was the cause of his death. With the death of "Uncle Tommy" Albert, as he was familiarly known, is the passing of one of the citizens of the city who was for many years a familiar figure in the legal circles of the city. The deceased was born in Dauphin Co. Pa. In 1816 and moved to this state when 20 years of age, settling with his parents in Putnam county. After twenty years residence in that county he came to Decatur and has since made his home here. He was elected to the office of justice of the peace and for eighteen successive years held that office. Eleven year ago, then an old man, he retired from the office and since that time had lived a retired life making his home with his brother-in-law, Berry Cassell, on Cassell's Hill. The deceased was a member of Celestial lodge No. 65, I. O. O. F. and that organization will have charge of the preparations for the funeral, the time to be announced later. Mr. Albert is survived by a wife and two daughters, Mrs. H. M. Obendorfer and Miss Sallie Albert, both residing at Milwaukee. He is survived by nine grandchildren and one brother, Jacob Albert of Long Creek township.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1900 > August > 29

William and Henry Cassell, Owen Allen and William Albert all of Putnam county are in the city to attend the funeral of the late Thomas B. Albert.


Cottage Hill, September 4, 1900

W. B. Cassell and O. W. Allen went to Decatur to pay the last tribute to their uncle, Thomas Albert, last Saturday.

Daily Review
June 14, 1904

Mrs. Esther Albert returned to Decatur Friday, after a visit with Mrs. Albert.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois)
June 18 1904

Mrs. Esther Albert of Milwaukee is visiting her niece Mrs. G. M. Danley at 803 West Pugh street. Mrs. Albert formerly lived in Decatur.


Cottage Hill - August 29, 1904

Mr. and Mrs. George Danley of Decatur, Illinois, Mrs. Esther Albert of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Mrs. Cassell of Florid, visited relatives in this vicinity last week.

Decatur Herald (Decatur, Illinois) > 1906 > July > 6

Mrs. John Cassell will entertain Mrs. Anna Andrews, Mrs. Hattie Drake of Clinton, and Mrs. Esther Albert, of Milwaukee, this week.

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