Saturday Herald (Decatur, Illinois) > 1886 > July > 24

At the Cassell Farm

A very pleasant and enjoyable picnic party was given at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Cassell, two miles east of the city, Tuesday, July 20, in honor of Mrs. Lydia A. Harrison, mother of Mrs. Cassell. The party was given to celebrate her 69th birthday anniversary. Those present from Decatur were Mrs. J. L. Peake and daughter, Mrs. A. Goodman and niece, Miss Susie Brown, Mrs. K. Chandler and family, Mrs. A. St. Mary and niece, Miss C. Burgess, Mrs. G. A. Robison, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Albert and little grand daughter. Others present were Mrs. Edwards and son of Indianapolis, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Baugher, of Boody; Mr. and Mrs. A. Wilt, of Warrensburg, and Mrs. James Geddes, Mrs. C. Gharrett and Mrs. And Mrs. S. Trotter. A dinner and a supper worthy of the occasion were served. Mrs. Harison received many useful and valuable presents.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1888 > September > 3

Berry H. Cassell to Hilton Cassell, lot 3, block 2, Cassell's 6th addition $100.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1888 > August > 27

B. H. Cassell to Thomas A. Cassell, lot 5, block 2, Cassell's 6th addition - $100.

Decatur Morning Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1890 > April > 24

There was a pleasant social gathering at the home of Lu (Lewis) Cassell, about two miles northeast of the city Tuesday night, and the evening was spent most enjoyably in music, games and dancing. Elegant refreshments were served at midnight, after which the company, consisting of 15 couples departed for their homes. Two hack loads of persons were present from this city.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1890 > August > 23

At the meeting of the Order of the Easter Star held last evening Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Cassell, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Cassell were taken into membership.

Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1891 > January > 20

H. Cassell and wife went to Stonington yesterday where a brother of Mrs. Cassell is dangerously ill.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1892 > August > 11

Drum Corps

The Republican club drum corps was organized last night with twenty members. They will get their uniforms at once and get in shape to go with the club to Springfield Aug. 18. The members are Ray Boyer, Bruce Chenoweth, Harry Haines, Hugh Hughes, Bud Florey, Fred Hoffman, L. B. Cassell, Frank Rich, A. S. Robinson, Will Adkesson, Harry English, J. C. Stoy, Bert Weaver, Frank Hays, Murry Millikin, John Allen, Charlie and Frank Wise, Will Armstrong, Troy Alexander, Will Frew and Emil Bethaeussel.

Daily Review
November 19, 1892

Hilton Cassell arrived home today from Peoria, where this week with a class of twelve Masons, he took the 32d degree in Masonry at the meeting of the Peoria consistory.

The Weekly Herald Despatch (Decatur, Illinois) > 1893 > August > 12

Berry H. Cassell to Baron H. Cassell, lot 9 in block 1 in B. H. Cassell's sixth addition to Decatur; consideration $1.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1894 > February > 7

Decatur lodge of Good Templars had a large audience at their public installation last night. The new officers were installed by Miss Etta Andrews, assisted by Lou Cassell and Miss Bena Baner.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1894 > May > 4

Decatur Graduates

Commencement will occur at the opera house on Friday, June 15. There are 49 graduates in the Decatur High School class, as follows:….Fred R. Cassell ……

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1894 > September > 5


Mr. Cassell and son Lou of Decatur spent Sunday with A. Witt and family.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1897 > March > 20

Silver Wedding

The Twenty-Fifth Marriage Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Cassell Celebrated.

There was a very pleasant gathering on Friday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Cassell three miles northeast of Decatur attended by many neighbors and friends despite the bad conditions of the roads. It was the celebration of the 25th marriage anniversary of the couple. The hours were from 10 to 4 and 7 to 11. Dinner and supper were served. The house decorations were very beautiful and tasteful. Many handsome gifts were bestowed. Among the guests were M. M. Harrison, T. A. Cassell, Henry Cassell, T. B. Albert, George M. Danely, C. E. Wheeler, J. H. Record, Ambrose Witt, J. L. Peake, Michael Clark, A. A. Hugenberger, Amos Westhafer, Charles Meyers and their wives, Misses Mabel Shimer, Maude Wilt, Lulu Winbolts, Alice Peake, Etta Good and Mrs. R. A. Peake, Messrs. Wat McMahon, Ed Wilt, Will Fulton, Ford Riley and P. A. Cassell of Flora (Florid), Ill. Regrets were received from George Culp of Warrensburg, F. C. Hugenberger of Tallula, W. T. Miller of Seymour, John Pancake of Williamsville, R. B. Senard of Decatur, John Warner of Clinton and George J. Heber of Keokuk, Iowa.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1898 > April > 26

The Guards To the Front

Members of the Decatur Militia Will Leave Tomorrow Morning at 7:10 O'clock

The members of Company H, Fifth regiment, Ill., N.G. of this city will leave Decatur tomorrow morning at 7:10 o'clock for Springfield where they will join the other troops of this state. The order to moove was received last night and the time of leaving has been positiviely decided upon.

Roster of Co. H.


Captain - J. Frank Cassell

First Lieutenant - L. G. Chandler

Second Lieutenat - Elmer Reavis

Fist Sergeant - Will Heiner

Sergeants - A. B. Davis, William Layton, Leo J. Heiner, George Barney

Corporals - Charles Davis, Samuel May, George Young, Charles Newcomb, Frederick Wismer

Musicians - Louis Cassell, Ralph Wismer

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1898 > April > 18

Louis Cassell was Surprised by Members of the Woodman Band

Louis Cassell was given a pleasant surprise at his home Sunday by the members of the Woodman's band. Mr. Cassell is a member of the band and also a member of Company H, of this city. The band men thought that as it was probable that there would be war, Cassell might not be at home another Sunday for a long time, so they gave him an entertainment. The band went to Mr. Cassell's residence and rendered music and passed a pleasant afternoon.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1898 > June > 1

An Old Bayonet

Sent to Hilton Cassell From His Son at Chickamauga Park

Yesterday Hilton Cassell received an old bayonet from his son, L. B. Cassell, who is at Chicakauga with Company H, 5th regiment. Cassell writes that he found the bayonet at Chickamauga park and that he was offered $10 for it but he wanted to save it and sent it home for safe keeping. The bayonet is one which has been laying on the old battlefield since the civil war. Cassell says that relics at Chickamauga are now very scarce. The bayonet will be on exhibition at Blaine's drug store for a few days. It is thick with rust, but the owner will keep it just as it was found.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1898 > September > 3

L. B. Cassell Is Sick

Fred Cassell left last night for Lexington, Ky, to visit his brother, L. B. Cassell, who is a musician with the Fifth regiment band and is sick in the hospital. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Cassell. If he is able to be moved Fred will bring him home.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois)
September 13 1898

Fred Stickle and Louis Cassell are both sick at Lexington, Ky.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1899 > August > 31

Hay Ride For O.E.S.

On the evening of Sept. 8 the members of the O.E.S. in Decatur will enjoy a hay ride to the home of Hilt Cassell, northeast of the city. They will leave the drug store of Dr. L.M. Lee on North Water street about 7:30 in the evening. At the Cassell place there will be entertainments of various kinds. The animal as well as the spiritual man will be looked after.

Daily Review
January 21, 1900

Charles Summers and Louis Cassell are the two successful men out of the six members of Company H who took the examination for corporal.  Captain Cassell has finished correcting the examination papers and Summers got a percent of 94 and Cassell 96.  The names Summers and Cassell will be recommended by the Captain to Colonel Culver and they will soon recieve their appointments.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1901 > September > 1

B. Hilton and wife have rented their farm northeast of the city and moved to Cassell's Castle Cassell hill. Mr. Cassell moves to the city to take care of his father Berry H. Cassell who has been seriously ill for some time.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1901 > September > 17

Louis B. Cassell, one of the Decatur veterans of the campaign at Chattanooga in the war with Spain, has been granted a pension of $6 a month.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1902 > October > 29

The ladies of the O.E.S. gave a pleasant surprise party on Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Cassell at their home on Cassell hill last night. The occasion was the fifty-ninth anniversary of Mrs. Cassell's birthday. She was completely taken by surprise. A banquet was served and the evening was pleasantly spent. The handsome rocking chairs were presented to Mr. and Mrs. Cassell.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1903 > May > 19

Pearl, the 3-year-old daughter of Hilton Cassell, was kicked by a horse and had her leg broken.

Daily Reviw
October 16, 1903

Louis B. Cassell has been notified that he passed a satisfactory examination for admittance to the bar.  With 163 other law students, he was examined at Springfield Tuesday and Wednesday of last week. Mr. Cassell is the grandson of the late Berry H. Cassell and the son of B. Hilton Cassell, who resides on Cassell's Hill.  He studied in the office of E. S. McDonald.

Decatur Herald (Decatur, Illinois) > 1904 > February > 19

Berry H. Cassell to Louis B. Cassell lot 7 in block 2 of Berry H. Cassell's seventh addition to Decatur; $600.

Berry H. Cassell to Otto D. Cassell, lot 12 in block 1 of Berry H. Cassell's sixth addition to Decatur; $600.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1905 > April > 5

Cassell Boys Vacate a Plat

But the Streets and Alleys Had Never Been Used

A deed of vacation was filed in the circuit clerk's office this morning whereby B. Hilton Cassell and Thomas A. Cassell vacate certain parts of streets and alleys in part of B. H. Cassell's addition. These parts of streets and alleys had never been used by the public or improved by the city, and, in fact, there has been a fence around the ground ever since it was platted.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1904 > November > 28

Louis B. Cassell has been appointed administrator of the estate of Charles H. Brown and gave bond in the sum of $5,000 with Roy H. and William E. Brown as sureties. The sureties are sons of C. H. Brown, and they filed the petition for the appointment of Mrs. Cassell. The personal estate amounts to $2,500.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1905 > January > 2

Farm and Town Trade

A. C. Allen engineered a trade in which Hilton and Thomas Cassell were the partied on one side and William Turner the man on the other. The Cassells put in a farm of 160 acres a half mile northeast of Stewardson. It went into the trade at $10,000. The Cassells took two houses in Decatur. One is a modern house of eight rooms on the west side of North Main street, 1200 block. The other is an eight room house on the south side of East Olive street, between Warren and Broadway. The two houses went in at $6,500. The difference was paid in cash by Mr. Turner. He gets the farm as an investment. The two houses the Cassells got now rent at $40 a month. The farm land mentioned was bought fourteen years ago by Berry and Henry Cassell, they paying $30 an acre; their heirs now let the land go at $62.50 an acre.

Decatur Herald (Decatur, Illinois) > 1905 > October > 24

B. Hilton Cassell to Fred R. Cassell lot 5 in block 2 of B. H. Cassell's ninth addition to Decatur; $1.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1907 > September > 16

B. Frazer has started a new six-room cottage for L. B. Cassell in the 900 block on East Prairie street. It will be modern and will cost $1,800.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1907 > October > 20

Surprised Mrs. Cassell

Friends and relatives of Mrs. B. H. Cassell took advantage of her absence from the city Thursday when she went to Peoria to the OES convention in that city, and planned a surprise in honor of her sixty-fourth birthday anniversary. Mrs. Cassell was accompanied on her Peoria trip by Mrs. Mollie Magee and Mrs. L. M. Lee. When she returned Thursday afternoon the guests gathered thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Fred Cassell, Mrs. Eliza Mounts and Mrs. Mary Harrison. Dinner was served to the guested at 6:30.

Mrs. Cassell was presented with a handsome library table ant $100 in gold by her husband and sons. A number of beautiful china pieces were brought by the friends and relatives.

Relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Cassell were here from Springfield, Ohio, Clinton, Warrensburg, Chicago and this vicinity. Others present wre Dr. and Mrs. N. D. Myers, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Simer and the Misses Elsie and Grace Shimer, Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Krone, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hamilton, Miss Mollie McGee, W. J. Magee, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Dempster, Richard Moore and Mrs. L. M. Leeson, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Johnson and Mrs. W. J. Magee.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1908 > March > 18

B. H. Cassell to L. B. Cassell lots 1 and 2 block 4 B H Cassell's addition, lot 3, block 3 B H Cassell's sixth addition; lots 6 and 14 block 3 and lot 14, block 2, B H Cassel's seventh addtion $1.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1910 > April > 5

Mrs. Ambrose Wilt spent Saturday night with her sister Mrs. Berry Cassell, in Dccatur.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1910 > January > 25

B. H. Cassell to Andrew Ray, lot 18, block 1, B. H. Cassell's ninth addition; $1,000.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1910 > February > 7

B. H. Cassel Reminiscent

When an eighteen-year-old boy, B. Hilton Cassell, who resides on Cassell hill, saw Abraham Lincoln carried on the shoulders of four men into the convention at the "Wigwam" on South Park street. Cassell was then a page for Gov. Oglesby and carried messages back and forth from the platform.

Good Wages.

"I received $1.50 a day for my services." Said Mr. Cassell, Monday, "and considered it good pay at the time. I not only saw Lincoln at the "Wigwam" but in 1865 when his boyd lay in state at Springfield, I saw him again for the last time."

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1910 > May > 8

Lewis Cassell will build two seven room modern residences on East Prairie street. They will cost about $2500 each.

Saturday Evening, October 5, 1912 Page 8

Mrs. Fannie W. Cassell -   Ill Only Short Time

The death of Mrs. Fannie W. Cassell, wife of B. Hilton Cassell, which occurred at 3:15 Friday afternoon at the family residence on Cassell hill, was the second death in the family within a week. Her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Otto Cassell, having died in the same house just a week ago Friday, and her funeral was held last Sunday. Mrs. Fannie W. Cassell was taken ill the day before the death of her daughter-in-law. The latter’s death was caused by typhoid fever, while that of Mrs. Fannie W. Cassell was caused by heart trouble.

Mrs. Cassell was sixty-nine years old. She was born in Ross county, O., Oct. 17, 1843. She was married to B. Hilton Cassell in 1872. The family home has been in Decatur for many years. She was a member of the First Methodist Church and of the Order of the Eastern Star. Besides her husband, she is survived by three sons, Louis B. Cassell, Fred R. Cassell, and Otto D. Cassell, all of Decatur. She also leaves two brothers and three sisters, Joseph Harrison of Muskogee, Okla., Matthew M. Harrison of Decatur, Mrs. Sarah Wilt of Warrensburg,Mrs. Mary Lintner of Chitwood, Mo., and Mrs. Eliza Mount of Decatur. The funeral will be held at 2 o’clock Sunday afternoon at the family residence on Cassell Hill. The interment will be in Greenwood.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1912 > October > 6

The funeral of Mrs. B. Hilton Cassell will be held at 2 o'clock this afternoon at the family home on Cassell Hill. The interment will be in Greenwood.

Monday Evening, December 8, 1919 Page 3

B. Hilton Cassell Dies At Age 74 Had Been in Ill Health Many Months
Born in Decatur, Home of Site of Linn & Scruggs Store

B. Hilton, one of Decatur’s most prominent citizens and real estate men, died at 3 o’clock Sunday afternoon at the residence of his son, Louise B. Cassell, 224 Park Place. He would have been seventy-four years old in March. His death was cuased by cancer, with which he had suffered for a long time. His condition had been serious since last Spring. At that time he was operated on at the Decatur and Macon County hospital, but only temporary relief was gained. Since then he had been able to go downtown at rare intervals and since the first of September, he had been confined to his bed.

Mr. Cassell was born in Decatur March 30, 1848 and had lived in or near Decatur all his life. His father, Berry H. Cassell, was a native of East Hanover, Pa., and his mother, formerly Miss Louise M. Schultz was a native of Maryland. They came to Decatur when it was but a small village. Berry H. Cassell had a tin shop in a long building that occupied the site of the present Linn & Scruggs store. The family lived in the rooms at the rear of the building and there B. Hilton Cassell was born. He attended the public schools and after finishing his schooling engaged in various forms of occupation until his marriage in 1872 to Miss Fannie W. Harrison of Ohio. Then they moved to a farm in Decatur township and remained there until 1901. For the last eighteen years Mr. Cassell had lived in Decatur. His wife died in 1912. He is survived by three sons, Louis B. Cassell, 224 Park Place; Fred R. Cassell, 1430 West Decatur Street and Otto D. Cassell, 125 South Hilton Street. He also leaves one brother, T.A. Cassell, 1066 West Main Street.

Mr. Cassell was prominent in real estate circles, in which business he was engaged for many years, and he assisted materially in the substantial growth of the city. Mr. Cassell was prominent in Masonic circles, being a thirty-second degree mason. He was a member of Macon Lodge No. 8A.F. and A.M., macon chapter No. 21, R.A.M., Decatur council No. 16, R. and S.M., Beaumanoir commandery No., 9, Knights Templar, Peoria consistory, Decatur chapter No. 21, O.E. S..........He was always interested in every movement that was for the best interests of Decatur and was held in high regard by all who knew him. The body was removed to the  Dawson & Wikoof undertaking establishment and prepared for burial.

The funeral will be held at 8:30 o’clock Tuesday afternoon in the residence of his son, 224 park Place. The interment will be in Greenwood.

Decatur Daily Review
May 19, 1920

Report Cassell Estate

The inheritance tax report in the estate of B. H. Cassell was filed with Judge J. H. McCoy Tuesday, the net value of the estate was found to be $153,519. The sons, Louis B., Fred R., and Otto D. Cassell will each receive $53, 773, and will each pay $327.73 inheritance tax.

Decatur Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1920 > August > 8

Eight Months Western Tour

Leasing their home here for a period of eight months Dr. and Mrs. G. W. Weyl and Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Cassell plan to leavea about Sept. 1 for an eight months' western tour. The Weyls will travel in their Moline-Knight car and the Cassells in their Hudson car. Both will go prepared for camping, though they do not expect to camp all the time.

They will make the trip through Colorado Springs to Salt Lake and then to Seattle. From there they will travel down the coast to California. Dr. and Mrs. Weyl expect to visit Mrs. Weyl's aunt in San Francisco and a brother in Monrovia, Cal, and to spend the rest of the winter touring parts of California which they have not visited before.

Mr. and Mrs. Cassell will visit relatives both in Topeka, Kan, and Los Angeles. There is a possibility that the two families may visit Yellowstone park on the trip out, if all conditions are favorable.

The return trip probably will be made over the Santa Fe trail and the families expect to reach Decatur sometime next May.

Decatur Evening Herald (Decatur, Illinois) > 1929 > March > 30

Mr. And Mrs. L. Cassell Motoring To California

Mr. And Mrs. Louis B. Cassel of Park Place, who passed the winter in Clearwater, Fla., now are on a motor trip to California. They have written that they will attend the meeting of the "Order of the Star" camp in the Ojai valley May 27 to June 2. The camp for followers of Krishnamurti is 30 miles north of Los Angeles.

Decatur Evening Herald (Decatur, Illinois) > 1929 > May > 22

L. A. Mills Buys Fred Cassell Home in West Decatur St.

Affy and Mrs. L. A. Mills have purchased the home of Mr. And Mrs. Fred R. Cassell in 1430 West Decatur street, and will move in at once. The Cassells are moving to their home on Lake Decatur, called Navajo Lodge, which they will make their year-round residence hereafter.

The house purchased by Affy and Mrs. Mills is near their soon, Affy Walker Mils and daughter Mrs. Frank Walker. It is a large residence with a sleeping porth the full length of the hosue, a two car garage, a lot 80 feet wide and 12 forest trees.

Decatur Evening Herald (Decatur, Illinois) > 1929 > May > 27

Louis Cassell Given Theosophical Office

Louis Cassell of Decatur is canteen keeper in the theosophical encampment of Krishnamurti in Los Angeles, according to a dispatch received by The Herald Sunday afternoon. Mr. Cassell visited in India three years ago and at that time made the acquaintance of Krishnamurti, the prophet of theosophy.

Decatur Herald (Decatur, Illinois) > 1929 > June > 30

Mr. And Mrs. Louis B. Cassell have returned from California, where they have been for several months. Mr. And Mrs. Cassell left last September for Florida and they drove to California from there. They now are at home in 224 Park Place.