Sophia Krafft ( 1876-1954)

Sophia Krafft was born on February 11, 1876 in Hennepin Township, Putnam County, Illinois. She died on August 8, 1954 in Putnam County, Illinois. Her parents were John August Krafft and Christinia Burr. Both were born in Germany. Sophia had four brothers, William, August, Nicholas, and Ferdinand.  Sophia spent her entire childhood in the Putnam County area. On December 1, 1908, she married Benjamin A. Cassell at her parent's home in Hennepin, Illinois. They had three children, Helen, born in 1910, Clara born in 1912 and Benjamin Jr. born in 1920.  Sophia spent her entire life in and around the Hennepin and Florid area. She and her husband lived in or near Florid until 1931. They then moved to Sand Prairie, where they remained for two years. In 1933, Sophia and Ben moved back south of Florid. They remained there until after her husband's death in 1940. Sophia continued living with her son Ben around the Florid area after that. They moved to Hennepin in October of 1946. Sophia and her son Ben remained in Hennepin until April of 1954 when they moved back to Florid.  Sophia's death was sudden and unexpected. She became ill while attended the Hennepin Home Coming Celebration and died while enroute to the hospital in Spring Valley, late Sunday night, August 8, 1954. She was buried on the following Thursday afternoon in the cemetery in Florid beside her husband.