Decatur Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
December 7 1876

(From Thursday's Daily)
Birthday Surprise Party

For some days the friends of Mrs. Chas. H. Cassell, the nimble pressman of the Republican office, had been arranging to give him a surprise on the occasion of the twenty-third birthday, which took place on Wednesday. Accordingly, the hall used by Professor Leonard for his dancing classes was secured and arranged for the occasion, and invitations were sent out to the number of a hundred or more. It was then arranged that under some pretext or another Charley should be decoyed up town and to the hall, where the entertainment was to be given, and where the company was in waiting by about 8 o'clock. Upon ushering the young man into the hall he was about as much surprised as one could well be. He soon, however accommodated himself to the situation, and entered cordially into the enjoyments of the hour. The time was spent in dancing and in social chat. At a proper time a bountiful collation was served, which did much credit to those who get it up. The party remained together until after midnight, when they separated, with the feeling that the affair was an exceedingly pleasant one, and so far as Charley is concerned he is perfectly willing to have a birthday once a year, and be served in the same manner every time.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
February 7 1881

Charles Cassell, who has been in charge of the Republican steam press room for the past seven years, left for Chicago on Sunday night, and will enter a large printing house at the big city. His place has been supplied by Charles Fletcher, late of H. W. Hill & Co. The very best wishes of the Republican go with Mr. Cassell. He is a faithful pressman, and will succeed wherever he goes.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
February 18 1881

Charles Hartley is in the city. He arrived last night. He says Charles Casell and Tony Adams, late of the Republican office, have gone to work in the Lakeside Library office, and that Charles Wanghop will be in Decatur next Sunday.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
February 19 1881

Chas. Cassell is home from Chicago. He will return to the Lakeside Printing House next week.

Decatur Review (Decatur, Illinois)
February 21 1881

Charley Cassel, late of the Republican office but now in Chicago, and Tony Adams, also an old Decatur printer, paid Decatur a visit yesterday arriving in the morning. They both left for their field of labor this morning.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1881 > September > 22

The handsome invitations are out for the marriage of Miss Katie Leonard, daughter of Prof. And Mrs. R. B. Leonard, and Mrs. Charles H. Cassell, which will be solemnized at St. John's Episcopal church on Thursday evening, Oct. 6th. The reception will be held at Guard's Armory.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
October 7 1881

Cassell - Leonard

Fashionable and Happy Marriage at the Episcopal Church Last Evening

Followed by a Brilliant and Joyous Reception at Guard's Armory

There was another unusual stir in Decatur society circles last evening, occasioned by the fashionable wedding at St. John's Episcopal church - a marriage in which the Republican proprietors and attaches took special interest, inasmuch as the bridegroom has been connected with this office almost continuously for seven years as foreman of the press room, a position which he still holds. Charley, or "Pick", as we generally call him, is one of us - a member of the Republican family, in fact, and we rejoice with him in his capture of one of Decatur's fairest and most accomplished daughers as his companion through life's pathway.

The Ceremony

As the handsomely printed invitations announced - and there were 250 issued - the ceremony which united in marriage Miss Katie E. Leonard, eldest daughter of Professor and Mrs. R. B. Leonard, and Mr. Charles H. Cassell, son of Mr. And Mrs. John Cassell, was solemnized by the rector, Rev. Walter H. Moore, at St. John's Episcopal Church at 8 o'clock, and the beautifully decorated church was completely filled with a large and fashionably attired company of friends. …….. The enlivening strains of Mendelmohn's beautiful wedding march, announced the entrance of the bridal party, which marched up the broad aisle to the altar in the following order: Chas. A. Ewing, Breck Irwin, Charles Leonard and Will Mozzy, ushers; Misses Ella Race, Florence Adams, Louie Tanner and Mollie Beall, flower girls; Mr. Robert B. Ormsby and Miss Minnie La Roe, attendants; Mrs. R. B. Leonard escorted by the bridegroom; and last came the bride escorted by her father, Prof. Leonard. The beautiful Episcopal ring ceremony was used and was spoken distinctly by the officiating clergyman, the responses being clearly and promptly uttered. At the proper moment the father stepped forward and placed the hand of the bride in that of the groom, when the final words were spoken and the ceremony concluded with an impressive prayer. …….

The reception was was held at the armory of the Decatur Guards, where had gathered about 150 guests. The bridal party entered the hall, while the Decatur Band, of which the bride's father is a member, played a beautiful march. ……… Soon after 11 o'clock Mr. And Mrs. Cassell took their departure from the reception hall for the Union depot, and at 12:15 this morning they left the city for Chicago, where they will remain for a week before returning to Decatur. They will reside in pleasant apartments, and enter at once upon the mysteries of housekeeping.

The bride, as is well-known to most of our readers, is a young lady who possesses many enviable accomplishments, besides being a great favorite in social circles. She has taken part in numerous home entertainments, and is now leading soprano of the Presbyterian church choir. Hosts of Decatur and Boston friends will join with the Republican in wishing the bride and her chosen husband all manner of good luck in their new relation in life.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
October 12 1881

Charles H. Cassell and bride arrived home early this morning from Chicago. When they left the Garden City last night at 9 o'clock a terrific storm prevailed.

Saturday Herald (Decatur, Illinois)
February 3 1882

C. Cassell of the Decatur Republican spent Sunday with his father, John Cassel, of this city (Niantic).


Review (Decatur, Illinois)
February 14 1882

Mrs. Katie Cassell has gone to Chicago, to take a course of instruction in vocal music.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
April 13 1882

Mrs. Katie Leonard-Cassell departed last night for Chicago, where she will remain for several weeks. She will receive a thorough course of instruction in vocal music from noted teachers in the Chicago Central Music Hall.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
June 24 1882

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Cassell are now at home to friends at No. 78 North Franklin street.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
August 5 1882

Mrs. R. B. Leonard and her three children, arrived in Decatur this morning from New York City, and will be the guests of C. H. Cassell and family, at No. 77 North Franklin street, for the present. Prof. Leonard may return to the city in a few weeks and engage in business here.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
August 16 1882

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Cassell, on August 15th, a son - 8 pounds.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
November 21 1882

For a few weeks, Mrs. C. H. Cassell, daughter of Prof. Leonard, will give private lessons in dancing to those who desire them at her residence, 79 North Franklin street.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
February 6 1883

Mrs. Chas. H. Cassell and son arrived home yesterday after a protracted stay in New York, where they were visiting Prof. Leonard and family.

Review (Decatur, Illinois)
February 8 1883

Mrs. Chas. H. Cassell and baby boy have arrive from New York, where they visited Prof. Leonard and family.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
March 26 1883

Charles H. Cassell, the accomplished pressman of the Republican office, left on Saturday night, with his wife and child, for New York city, where they go toe spend a month visiting the parents of Mrs. Cassell.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
April 26 1883

Charles H. Cassell will arrive home from New York on Saturday.

Decatur Daily Republican, Decatur, IL
April 30 1883

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Cassell and son arrived home from New York city on Sunday morning.

Saturday Herald (Decatur, Illinois)
June 20 1885

Mrs. Katie Cassel and son, Lena (Lenny), who have been visiting Squire Cassel and family have returned to their home in Decatur.

Decatur Daily Review
July 26, 1886

Personal Mention

Mrs. C. H. Cassell and son, Lenny, who have been visiting in Niantic for several days, returned home today.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
October 18 1886

Mrs. Charles H. Cassell and son have returned home after a visit of eight weeks in New York and Boston.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
July 2 1887

Mrs. Frank Cassell and daughter Irene, Mrs. C. H. Cassell and son Lennie, and Mrs. Linehan have gone to Virginia, Ill., to remain until after the 4th.

Decatur Daily Review
August 6, 1887

Robert L. Ormsby, of Boston, Mass., cousin of Mrs. C. H. Cassell, has arrived in the city.  He will enter the employ of Ed. L. Martin, and will have charge of one of the coal offices.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
August 16 1887

Niantic, Aug. 15

Chas. And Frank Chassell (Cassell) and John Linehan, with their wives, all of Decatur, spent Sunday with their father, John Cassell. They returned home Sunday evening in a hack.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1887 > October > 26

Mrs. Katie Leonard Cassell will be ready about the first of November to organize classes and receive pupils in dancing. Fourteen year's experience as an assistant and teacher thoroughly qualifies Mrs. Cassell for the  profession and satisfaciton will be guaranteed. Terms will be very reasonable for first-class instruction.

Decatur Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1889 > August > 8

Of the present Republican force the one who dates as far back as any of them is the present city editor of the paper, John J. H. Young, jr., who in that far away period when the first paper was issued, "rolled" the first number, and was in the employ of the firm at intervals the first year. He had been a "regular" since 1875. Of the present employees, the next longest in continuous service is the efficient pressman, Mr. Chas. H. Cassell, who came to the office April 1, 1872. Mr. Geo. T. Tucker , of the composing room, has been with us since September 1, 1876, and Mr. W. H. Addis, of the job room since March 1, 1875.

Decatur Morning Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1890 > May > 9

Miss Leonard of New York is the guest of her sister, Mrs. C. H. Cassell on West Decatur street.

Decatur Morning Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1890 > June > 7

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Cassell, 734 West Decatur street, June 6, a daughter.

Decatur Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1890 > June > 12

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Cassell, on June 6th, a daughter.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1890 > June > 28

Master Lennie Cassell and his cousin, Hattie Andrews, have gone to Niantic to visit for a few days with their grandpa, John Cassell.

Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1891 > January > 8

Seriously Ill.

The little seven months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cassell is seriously ill with congestion of the brain. It was not expected to live through the night.

Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1891 > January > 9

Death of Beatrice Cassell

Beatrice Cassell, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Cassell, died at 6 o'clock Wednesday evening of congestion of the brain, aged 7 months and one day. The child was sick only five days. The loss is keenly felt by the parentes for their attachment for the little one was very great. The heartfelt sympathy of their friends is extneded to them. The funeral will take place at 4 o'clock today from the residence, 734 West Decatur street.

Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1891 > January > 10


The funeral services of Beatrice Cassell were held at the residence of the parents of the deceased child yesterday afternoon at 4 p.m. The services were conducted by Rev. M. M. Goodwin and the Episcopal ritualistic service was used. The remains were interred in Greenwood cemetery.

Taken From the Decatur, Daily Review

December 16, 1891

This afternoon Prof. R. B. Leonard and daughters, Dick Leonard and Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Cassell left for Taylorville, where the first Leonard Assembly in that city will be held tonight.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
May 6 1892

Prof. And Mrs. R. B. Leonard, Miss Marie Leonard, Miss Thomas and Lennie Cassell left for Bloomington today via Atlanta.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1893 > April > 23

Mrs. C. H. Cassell and Mrs. Del Roberts went to Paris yesterday for an extended visit.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1893 > August > 15

Leonard Cassell is visiting his grandfather at Niantic.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1893 > December > 2

Father Ill

Frank and Charles Cassell left last night for Niantic in response to a telephone message announcing the dangerous illness of their father, John Cassell. Mr. Cassell has bronchial troubles and was comparatively well yesterday, having spent Thanksgiving in this city.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1893 > December > 7

News from Niantic today is to the effect that John Cassell, father of Charles and Frank Cassell, this city, is not so well. Mr. Cassell is 63 years of age, and has been seriously ill for some weeks. It is feared that he will not recover.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1894 > January > 1

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Cassell entertained a company of friends last evening at their home on West Decatur street.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1894 > August > 16

Leonard Cassell Enjoyably Entertains His Friends Yesterday Afternoon

Yesterday was Leonard Cassell's twelfth birthday anniversary and he celebrated the event in a most delightful manner by entertaining a company of friends at his hom, No. 734 West Decatur street. The hours were from 3 until 6 o'clock. Mrs. C. H. Cassell was assisted in entertaining the company by Misses Carrie and Marie Leonard. The company included Edna Snarr, Alice Baker, Mattie Randall, Edna Quirck, Jessie Hott, Grace Johnson, Belle Dinges, Bertha Troutman, Nellie Ackerman, Olive Midkiff, Gertie Hott, Alfa Midkiff, Lessie Abel, Madge Young, Irene Cassell, Ray Cassell, Maud Downing, Bessing Wilson, Herbert Dieckhoff, Clarence Brewer, Frank Reinstof, Chester Hathaway, Frank Beall, Arthur Reader, St. Louis, Carleton Mattess, Ralph Hott, … Leonard Cassell. Leonard was the recipient of many handsome presents. During the afternoon elegant refreshments were served.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1894 > September > 6

Printing Office Sold

Heskett, the printer, has sold his printing establishment to Charlie and Frank Cassell of the Republican office. This plant is a good one and the Cassell Bros. Are good men. A successful busienss for them is the prophecy of all who know them.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1895 > June > 10

Mrs. C. H. Cassell and Mrs. George Dunston, two of Decatur's finest  soloists, opera house, June 11.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1895 > December > 31

Meyer Children Party

Monday afternoon from 3 to 7 o'clock there was a brilliant social affair at  Guard's Armory, being the party given by Mrs. Geo. W. Meyer for her two children, Marie and Charles Meyer. There were about 100 children in the company, all in fancy costumes. Marie appeared as a gypsy girl, and with Leonard Cassell gave the Moorish Maiden's Dance, also a gypsy dance.

Decatur Weekly Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1896 > February > 13

Death of H. B. Matheny, an Old Settler of Decatur

Saturday evening, February 8, at 8:10 o'clock, H. B. Matheny died at his home 1061 East William street, aged 75 years caused by old age and general debility. The deceased was one of the early settlers of Illinois. Born at Milan, Tenn, he came to this state over fifty years ago, stopping at Sullivan. He was the first constable elected in Moultrie county. He had lived in Decatur over forty years. He is survived by a wife and six children, all of whom are residents of Decatur. The children are Charles Matheny, Mrs. M. C. Purdy, Mrs. Charles Cunningham, Mrs. J. Frank Cassell, Mrs. Charles Albertz and Mrs. Stella Huston. The funeral was held this Monday afternoon at the residence.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1896 > August > 26

Leonard Cassell, son of Charles Cassell, is organizing a juvenile Republican drum corps. He has secured the names of a dozen boys who have agreed to join.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1896 > September > 8

A surprise party was given Mrs. Charles Cassell last night at the Leonard hall on North Main street. About twenty-five young people were there. They enjoyed dancing and refreshments were served.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1896 > September > 30

Mr. And Mrs. Charles H. Cassell have vacated their apartments in Columbia block. They now reside at 555 West Decatur street.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1897 > June > 29

Mrs. Charles H. Cassell and son, Leonard, will leave for Chicago on Saturday to remain two weeks or longer. Mrs. Cassell has been engaged to assist Prof. Clendnnen at his summer Normal school for giving physical culture, De sartan work and dancing to a large class of teachers throughout the country. Mrs. Cassell, who will conduct the Leonard academy in Decatur next season, will be fully instructed in all the latest things pertaining to dancing, and Leonard will learn a number of fancy dances.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1897 > July > 29

Mrs. C. H. Cassell, who went to Chicago several weeks ago to assist a member of the American Dancing Teacher's association in conducting an institute, has returned home. The lady feels that the trip was of great benefit to her as she gained complete knowledge of the Delsartan system, which she will introduce at the Leonard assemblies in the coming winter.

Daily Republican
July 6, 1898

Mrs. Kate Leonard Cassell left this morning for Washington, D. C. for a visit of a few weeks with relatives.  On her way home she will stop at Detroit to attend the annual convention of the American associations of Dancing masters.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1897 > September > 1

Contractor Canfield is building for Charles Cassell a modern six room dwelling at 1126 North Monroe, to cost $1,100.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1897 > September > 6

Charles H. Cassell is having a handsome dwelling of six rooms erected on his lot in the 1100 block on North Monroe street. Mr. Canfield in the contractor. The frame is up, and in a short time the roof will be in place. Mr. Cassell and family will occupy the dwelling when it is complete. It will cost about $1300.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1898 > October > 7

Assembly Dances

Mrs. Katie Leonard Cassell will open the dancing season at the Armory Monday night. Every Monday night during the season the assembly dances will be given.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1898 > February > 3

Class at Clinton

Mrs. C. H. Cassell left today for Clinton, where she has a large and growing class in dancing. Afternoon and evening lessons are given in the all, the same as at the armory in Decatur, followed by an assembly ball. The young people of Clinton are quite enthusiastic over their advancement under the instruction of Mrs. Cassell, whose methods are so easily followed, and whose knowledge of all the latest dances enables her to keep her pupils up to date in all that pertains to the terpsichorean art.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1898 > October > 10

Mrs. Cassell will open the dancing season at the armory this evening from 9 to 12. Admission 50 cents. Opera house orchesta.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1898 > October > 24

Charles H. Cassell and family have moved from North Monroe street to the Loeb Time block, where they have taken apartments.

Daily Republican
December 6, 1898

Mrs. Charles Cassell went to Bement today to organize a dancing class. She will go each week to give instructions.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1899 > March > 30

Bowling Pary

Mrs. C. H. Cassell, the popular dancing teacher, entertained a congenial company of friends last night at the Postoffice alleys, the hostess and guests forming a bowling party. The scores made by the ladies did not scare anybody, neither did those of the gentlemen cause special comment, but the games were non eht less enjoyable.

Decatur Daily Review

May 9, 1899

A bowling party with Mr. and Mrs. J. J. H. Young, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cassell and Mr. and Mrs. Carter on one side ..... enjoyed an interesting game in the Post office bowling alleys last evening. Captain Young's team won th score stanidng 1.729 to 1,696.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1899 > August > 27

Mrs. C. H. Cassell has gone to Washington city to visit her parents, Professor and Mrs. R. B. Leonard.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1900 > September > 16

Mrs. (Charles) Leonard Cassell has just returned from a visit in New York, Washington and other eastern cities.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1901 > September > 2

Mrs. Kate Leonard Cassell and her son, Leonard Cassell, who have been in Washington D. C., during the summer, have returned home.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1902 > November > 8

A Golden Wedding

Professor Leonardo and wife, formerly of Decatur, on Friday celebrated their golden wedding by giving a large reception at Washington, D.C. Their daughter Mrs. Charles Cassell, and Mrs. C. W. Cessna of Decatur were in attendance.

Decatur Herald (Decatur, Illinois) > 1902 > September > 16

Leonard Cassell will leave on Wednesday for Washington, D.C. to attend the Columbia Dental college. He attended last year and has two more years to complete the course which it is his intention to do.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1903 > March > 7

Here This Summer

Mrs. Catherine Cassell will not go to Washington, D.C. this summer as she has for the last several years, but will remain in this city. She will attend the national convention of dancing teachers to be held at Asbury Park in June.

Leonard Cassell, who is attending a dental college at Washington, will spend his summer vacation with his parents in this city.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1903 > April > 17

To the Ladies

Mrs. K. L. Cassell has opened her hygia vibratory beauty parlots, 256 North Park street. Can and gat a treatment free.

Decatur Herald (Decatur, Illinois) > 1904 > May > 27

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cassell gave a reception last night at the Mueller hall on North Main street. The guests included the members of their dancing classes and other friends.

Decatur Herald (Decatur, Illinois) > 1904 > June > 28

Mrs. Kate Cassell has returned home from St. Louis where she attended the national dancing masters association convention. It was a large gathering. Mrs. Cassell said that much time was given up to a discussion as to what was the proper position in dancing. One new dance known as the Merrimac was adopted. Of all the members of the association present Mrs. Cassell represented the smallest city. All of the other members were from larger places than Decatur.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1904 > August > 7

Mrs. Cassell will organize a class for beginners in dancing on Monday night, Aug. 8, at 8 o'clock, at her academy, 256 North Park street.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1904 > November > 23

Fortune for Mrs. Leonard

Mrs. R. B. Leonard of Washington, D. C., wife of Professor Leonard, formerly a dancing master in Decatur, has fallen heir to an estate in Brooklyn, N.Y., valued at $200,000. The fortune came to Mrs. Leonard through the death of a nephew about two weeks ago. Mrs. Leonard's sister, Mrs. John Anderson, died about two years ago, leaving as her only heir one son. By his death the estate reverted to Mrs. Leonard.

Mrs. Leonard is the mother of Mrs. Charles Cassell of this city. There are four other children, all of whom live in the east.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1904 > December > 11

Says It Is Real

The second chapter is now at hand and it is not the ususal one in these plots. Mrs. Leonard writes her daughter here, Mrs. Kate L. Cassell, that she was to New York and investigated the estate, and she find that it is worth $200,000. Mrs. Leonard writes further that in a short time she will have Mrs. Cassell out of Decatur and in a fine home in the east. The latter remark is pleasing to Mrs. Cassell, as she frankly and unreservedly admits.

Decatur Herald (Decatur, Illinois) > 1904 > December > 31

Dr. C. Leonard Cassell

Dental Surgeon

Temporarily located at 102 Wait Bldg.

Phone Main 359

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1905 > May > 7

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cassell returned home Saturday evening from Chicago, where on Thursday they attended the graduating exercises of Northwestern university dental school. Their son Leonard Cassell was one of the graduates. He will arrive in the city Monday or Tuesday and after a visit here will return to Chicago to practice his profession.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1905 > May > 18

Dr. Leonardo Cassell of Chicago is in the city spending his vacation.

Decatur Herald (Decatur, Illinois) > 1906 > March > 23

Locates Here

Dr. Leonard Cassell, a former Decatur boy, who has been in Washington for the past year in charge of his uncle's large dental parlors, has purchased the office fixtures and supplies belonging to the late Dr. Blythe, in the Millikin Building. He will arrive in Decatur from Washington next week and will immediately take charge of the office.

Decatur Herald (Decatur, Illinois) > 1906 > June > 26

Dr. T. Cassell and a friend spent Sunday at John Cassell's home.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1907 > June > 15

Decatur People Wed In Chicago

Dr. C. Leonard Cassell and Miss Nettie Kell Spring Surprise

Dr. Leonard Cassell and Miss Nettie A. Kell, both of Decatur, are in Chicago to be married at 7:30 tonight. The ceremony will be performed by the Rev. Austin K. De Biois, a famous Baptist divine and an intimate friend of the groom at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Linehan, 3006 Vernon avenue.

The wedding will be a surprise in that its date has never been announced. The fact that Dr. Cassell and Miss Kell were engaged has long been known among their friends. Both are well known here, having spent most of their lives in Decatur.

The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. E.R. Kell, formerly of Decatur but now of Grove, L.T. She is a graduate of the Decatur high school and for the past three years has been a successful teacher in the Macon county schools.

Dr. Cassell is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Cassell of this city. He is a practicing dentist, a graduate of the Northwestern university dental school, and a student of the medical departmetn and assistant professor of prosthetic and operative dentistry in Georgetown university. He is an active member of the Macon-Moultrie and Illinois state dental societies and a member of the Psi Omega fraternity.

Dr and Mrs. Cassell will return to Decatur the first of next week after a visit in Chicago. They will live at 348 South Union street in a house that has been furnished by the groom.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1907 > July > 11

Mrs. Katherine Cassell left this morning for Reading, Pa., to attend the convention of the dancing teachers

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1907 > September > 7

Mrs. R. E. Oliver of Springfield, formerly of this city is visiting Mrs. Kate Cassell at her home on North Park street.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1908 > February > 1

Mrs. C. Leonard Cassell is ill at her home with rheumatism.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1908 > April > 11

Dr. and Mrs. C. Leonard Cassell have moved from 683 West Macon street to 1156 West Decatur street.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1908 > April > 11

John Cassell of Niantic is visiting with C. H. Cassell.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1909 > March > 6

Born to Dr. and Mrs. C. L. Cassell, 1156 West Decatur street, Saturday, March 6, a daughter.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1909 > April > 24

Dr. Cassell Moves

Dr. Leonard Cassell has moved from 1156 West Decatur street and has taken up his residence at 1259 West Macon street.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1909 > August > 16

C. H. Cassell left Sunday to visit in New York and Washington. He will join Mrs. Cassell in Washington.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1909 > September > 6

Dancing School

Mrs. Cassell will open her school for beginners at her Academy, North Park street, on Thursday evening, Sept. 9, at 7:30 o'clock.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1910 > February > 1

Mrs. Dr. Cassell and son, Miss Myrtle Kell of Decatur and Mrs. Rollin Hatfield of Chicago visited Mr. and Mrs. Karl Hoover Saturday.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1910 > June > 5

Dr. C. L. Cassell will go to Chicago Monday to repeat the clinic which he gave at the recent metting of the Illinois State Dental society before the alumni of the Northwestern university dental school.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1911 > February > 24

Dr. C. L. Cassell Associate Editor

Dr. C. Leonard Cassell has been notified of his appointment as associate editor of the Northwestern Alumni Journal, published and supported by the alumni of Northwestern university. The journal is published monthly at Evanston and has a large and wide circulation. Dr. Cassell has contributed much to the Journal, and to this fact is due, no doubt, the recognition by the board of directors.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1912 > May > 7


Mrs. Charles Cassell of Brooklyn, N.Y. is making an extended visit with John Cassell and Mrs. Ella Danley here.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1912 > September > 18

Mrs. K. Leonard Cassell has returned from New York and will open her school for dancing Thursday evening for beginners at her academy, 256 North Park street. Advanced classes and assemblies every Tuesday and Friday nights.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1912 > November > 8

Mrs. Charles Cassell returned from Washington D.C., where she attended a reception given for the golden wedding celebration of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard.

Taken From the Decatur Daily Review

June 5, 1913
Cassell Family Reunion

A family reunion was held Sunday afternoon and evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Linehan, 344 North Water street.  A four course dinner was served.  The table was decorated with pink and white carnations and ferns.  Those present were John Cassell, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cassell, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cassell, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Cassell, Dr. and Mrs. L. E. Cassell, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cassell, Louis Cassell, Otto Cassell and sons, Harold and Everett, Mrs. Ella Danley and son Ralph, Mrs. Annie Andrews and daughters, Grace and Mildred, Mr. and Mrs. William Stivers and children, Mrs. Kate Chandler and brother, Dave Albert.

Decatur Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1913 > June > 12

Dr. C. Leonard Cassell has gone to Chicago to attend the alumni reunion of Northwestern university being held there today. He will return Friday.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1914 > February > 1

Dancing Notice

On Tuesday night, Feb. 10, Mrs. Cassell will open the Eagles' new hall, corner South Water and Washington streets, one block south of I.T.S. station. This hall is just completed and is the finest in the city for dancing, special attention having been given the floor for that purpose. The waiting and cloak rooms were built with a view to making the hall strictly a place for dancing. Mrs. Cassell has outgrown her small hall and her assemblies will be held at Eagles' hall after Feb. 10. Get your recognition card and one for your friend at her academy, 256 N. Park street.

Taken From the Decatur Daily Review

September 14, 1914

The residence of Charles Cassell on West Decatur street was on fire.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1915 > August > 7

Mrs. C. Leonard Cassell and son were expected to return Saturday from a month's visit in Chicago, Momence and points in Michigan.

The Decatur Review  September 9, 1915

Got Cassell Machine

Thieves almost succeeded in stealing the automobile of C. H. Cassell, 1000 West Main street, at an early hour Thursday morning, but they made a little too much noise and awakened the people in the house. The attempt was made about 12:30 Thursday morning, when Miss Ray Smallwood, who rooms at the Cassell residence, was awakened by noises in the yard. Seeing several people at the garage on the rear of the lot, she awakened the others and the lights were turned on, at which the thieves ran.

Four In Party

Miss Smallwood saw about four in the party. They had pushed the machine out into the yard, turned it around and were taking it out into the alley and had it almost out when scared away. The machine is a Ford touring car.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1915 > December > 16

Professor and Mrs. R. E. Leonard will come from New York soon to visit their daughter, Mrs. Kate Cassell, and Dr. and Mrs. George Patton and daughter, Leah, of Washington, will come to be guests in the Cassell home. Professor Leonard will be remembered as the dancing teacher in the old days, and Mr. Cassell expects to give a reception for her father during the holidays, inviting some of his pupils.

Decatur Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1921 > November > 18

Charles S. Leonard

Charles S. Leonard, formerly of Decatur, died at 5 o'clock Wednesday afternoon at his home in Washington, D.C. He was a brother of Mrs. Charles Cassell. His boyhood days were spent in Decatur and he will be remembered by many of the old residents.

Decatur Daily Review

August 11, 1922

Dr. and Mrs. C. L. Cassell and family will leave on Saturday on a motor trip to northern Michigan.  They expect to be gone two weeks.


Florid, June 14, 1928

Leonard Cassell and wife, also his aunt Mrs. John Lineham, all of Decatur, visited our cemetery Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Lineham also called to see her old friend Mrs. H.E. Allen. It will be remembered that Mrs. Lineham lost her husband a short time ago. Also a sister Mrs. Ella Danley and a brother Charles Cassell, which was very sad indeed and she has the sympathy of her many friends here.

Decatur Evening Herald (Decatur, Illinois) > 1929 > July > 4

Cassell Appointed To C.M.T.C. Committee of Reserve Association

Dr. C. L. Cassell has received notice of his appointment to the C.M.T.C. committee by Colonel Arthur F. Stotts, president of the Illinois state department of the Reserve Officers association of the United States.

The honor was accorded Doctor Cassell in recognition of the fact that Macon county, for the last four years, has doubles its quota for the citizen's summer camps. It is the function of the committee to counsel with headquarters of the 6th Corps area in regard to the citizen's military training camps.

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