Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
April 5 1880

The Athenian society met at the usual hour at the high school building Saturday evening. The programme included a recitation …………. Bert Scanian and Frank Cassell entertained the company with a fine guitar duet.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
August 17 1880

An exciting amateur boat race took place on the Sangamon river on last Saturday evening, between Frank Cassell, a young Hercules, an attache of the Republican, and Gus Ferry, the young Adonis of the "Penny Post" and editor of the Nuncio, which is printed in a "sky parlor" in Powers' Block. The distance rowed was about three hundred yards, and although the race was hotly contested from the word "go." Cassell came out ahead by about five boat lengths, winning the spontaneous applause of the interested audience of five that stood on the bank of the river and acted as judges. The winner has received no congratulatory telegrams from his unknown friends throughout the country, but he feels a little good now that he has taken Gus down a peg or two.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois
August 30 1880

While attempting to oil the shafting in the Republican office press room on Saturday afternoon, Frank Cassell, the engineer and pressman, unfortunately lost his balance while at the top of a ladder and fell heavily to the floor, a distance of 12 feet. He was picked up in a partially insensible condition and taken to his room, where a physician attended to him. It was thougth at first htat he had sustained fatal injuries, but he was only severly shocked. He was delirious Saturday night, but is now able to limp around, and will resume his duties in a few days.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
November 8 1881

The cards were issued today announcing the marriage of Miss Dora A. Matheny and Mr. J. Frank Cassell of the Republican office, which will be solemnized at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. And Mrs. H. B. Matheny, at 93 East William street, on Wednesday evening, Nov. 23d.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
November 25 1881


A Quiet Wedding on East William Street on Wednesday Evening Last.

One by one do the employees of the Republican fall into the connubial net and take passage on the bark Matrimonial to taste of the sweets and tarts of married life. The Republican family has increased in number rather rapidly this fall and now another one of the "boys" has become a full-fledged Benedict. He is happy and so are we, and we all wish him and his bride unlimited happiness and prosperity in their new relation in life. Two weeks ago the invitations for the forthcoming marriage of Miss Dora A. Matheny, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Henderson B. Matheny, and Mr. John Frank Cassell, the youngest son of Mr. And Mrs. John Cassell, and the pressman and engineer of this office, were sent out, and Wednesday evening last at 8:20 o'clock, the wedding was solemnized at the residence of the bride's parents on East William street, in the presence of a large company of relatives and friends. The ceremony was performed by Elder John W. Tyler, who had married the parents of the bride years ago. The attendants were Miss Louise Meister and Mr. Charles A. Ewing, the bridal party entering the parlor while Miss Minnie LaRoe played Mendelsonn's wedding march on the organ. At the conclusion of the short prayer offered by the Elder, the company pressed forward and offered cordial congratulations.

A splendid wedding feast, which included all the substantials and tempting delicacies of the season, was served in the dining room, under the direction of the bride's mother and all partook heartily of the spread. Mr. And Mrs. Cassell have already commenced housekeeping in apartments which had previously been furnished by the provident young Benedict.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
July 22 1882

The William Street Nine, of which Frank Cassell is captain, and the Book Keepers Nine will meet at the Reds part on next Tuesday afternoon at three o'clock, and play a matched game of base ball. Let there be a big turnout. The game will be one of lively interest. Admission 10 cents.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
May 19 1884

The Roaring Cyclone

It Struck Decatur Sunday Afternoon and Caused a Big Scare

Full Details of the Damage Done - Antics of the Blow

It has long been the notion of many Decatur people that our fair city could not be assailed by a terrific cyclone, such as has caused loss of life and laid waste many unhappy towns in various parts of the country during the past few years. The fact that Decature got a touch of a howling cyclone of the regulation funnel shape, proves that we are not exempt. It came Sunday afternoon at a few minutes past 3 o'clock, in the midst of dense darkness and driving, whirling fall of rain. Parties who were watching the gathering storm, and had the nerve to stand before the forked lightning and heavy crashes of thunder, heard the roaring noise which always precedes a cyclone, and they describe the demon of destruction as a large funnel-shaped affair, bounding and whirling 200 feet in the air as it passed quickly over the city.

It struck the town at the end of West Decatur street at the Joe Foster place and continued its rapid flight northeaterly to the corner of Wood and Union Streets, when it veered to the east and went on a straight line to the corner of Wood and Water streets, half a block south of the Republican office; then dashing slightly north it passed onward over the corner of Power's lot and over the alley between Wood and East Main streets to Priest & Co.'s mill, over the Midland depot to Cassell's hill. Then bounding upward it went on its whizzing course to the block in the fifth ward west of the new school house shook up a few houses in the rolling mill addition, and bade the city goo-bye, traveling eastward through the country at a terrific rate of speed. The time occupied in its passage over the city was less than four minutes, but that limited period seemed an age to the scores of people who knew of its coming and heard its frightful roar. The excitement among those living on the route of the cyclone was at a high pitch, and bordered on terror among the families, many of whom took to cellars for safety. Luckily, there was no loss of life, ans so far as can be learned no one was injured; but there were at least two narow escapes.

Frank Cassell, engineer at the Republican office, resides at No. 1104 E. Prairie street. His wife went to the coal shed, at the rear of the lot, just before the storm came, and rather than get we she concluded to remain in the shed until the rain ceased falling. The shed is nine feet wide and eighteen feet long but has no floor. Mrs. Cassell heard the roar of the cyclone, and held fast to the closed door. In less than a second the shed was lifted bodily from its foundation and whiled from over the head of the frightened woman and landed in an adjoining lot, leaving Mrs. Cassell standing alone among the coal in a dazed condition, but without receiving the slightest injury. Frank, who witnessed the flight of the shed from a rear window of the dwelling, hurried out in the storm and assisted his wife to shelter.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois)
August 3 1886

The Springfield Register of Sunday said: "Yesterday afternoon the Wabash brought a detail of five men from Company H. Fifth regiment. This company belong at Decatur, and was the first to arrive at East St. Louis during the strike three months ago. The detail came to prepare camp, and consists of Sergeant Shockley, Ed. Alexander, Frank Cassell, Harry Hostetler and Frank Lytle.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
July 2 1887

Mrs. Frank Cassell and daughter Irene, Mrs. C. H. Cassell and son Lennie, and Mrs. Linehan have gone to Virginia, Ill., to remain until after the 4th.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
August 16 1887

Niantic, Aug. 15

Chas. And Frank Chassell (Cassell) and John Linehan, with their wives, all of Decatur, spent Sunday with their father, John Cassell. They returned home Sunday evening in a hack.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
October 29 1887

The little daughter of Frank Cassell, taken with spasms Thursday night, is in an improved condition.

The Decatur Daily Despatch (Decatur, Illinois)
September 11 1890

Messrs. Frank and Albert Cassell, who have been visiting relatives in Keokuk, Iowa, for the last month, returned home last night.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
August 20 1891

Gone to Shoot

Lieut. Frank Cassell left for Springfield this morning to take his place in the Fifth Regiment team in the sharp-shooting contest. He could not go down yesterday. It is probable that the score he will make will put him in among the 20 best shots in the Illinois National Guards.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
August 24 1891
Decatur Young Man Who Knows How to Handle a Gun

The four day's contest by the picked marksmen of the Illinois National Guard for places in the state team which shoots in the inter-state contest at Camp Douglas, was concluded at Springfield on Saturday, and by the skill of Lieut. J. Frank Cassell, Decatur has won a place in the team. Frank, who is the pressman in the Republican office, is first lieutenant of the Decatur Guards, enjoys the distinction of being the only man in the Fifth Regiment who proved himself good enough to get a place in the team. It is an honor of which any young man might be proud.

Herald Despatch (Decatur, Illinois) > 1892 > March > 19

Saturday evening, J. F. Cassel, of Decatur, will muster in a Sons of Veterans camp in this place. There are already eighteen names on the list with more to follow.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1893 > September > 25

A Birthday Party

Irene Cassell gave a birthday party to a number of her schoolmates Saturday afternoon at her residence on East Prairie street, the occaion being her 9th birthday. Those present were: Flossie White, Kittie Kincaid, Pansy Cunningham, Gracie Andrews, Daisy Wilkins, Jene Conover, Ethel Andrews, Mabel Brant, Perl Leib, Mabel Schmachtenberger, Ray Cassell, Rerl Matheny, Roy Alberts, Freddie Young, Leonard Cassell, Leon Bickes, Hattie Andrews, Gertrude Schmachtenberger.

Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
July 20 1894

Lieut. J. Frank Cassell arrived home this morning from Chicago, where he has been doing military duty during the past week as acting assistant adjutant general, 2nd brigade, I.N.G.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois)
July 20 1894

Decatur Officer Promoted

Lieutenant J. Frank Cassell of Decatur, who has heretofore been acting assistant adjutant of the Fifth regiment, I.N.G., has been promoted to be acting assistant adjutant general, and is now on active duty in Chicago, where he went from Danville when the troops were withdrawn from the latter place.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois)
September 6 1894

Printing Office Sold

Heskett, the printer, has sold his printing establishment to Charlie and Frank Cassell of the Republican office. This plant is a good one and the Cassell Bros. Are good men. A successful busienss for them is the prophecy of all who know them.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
October 19 1894

The promotion of Captain Colladay to the position of Major leaves a vacancy in the Decatur Guards. Lieut. Cassell will doubtless be elected captain and Will Hammer first lieutenant. The contest will be for second lieutenant. The date of the election will be announced in the near future.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
November 10 1894

It Is Captain Cassell

He is in Command of the Decatur Guards - A Spread

At the called meeting of the Decatur Guards, Company H, Fifth Regiment, Illinois National Guards, held at the Armory last night, J. Frank Cassell was elected captain, Will Hammer, first lieutenant, Arthur Gallagher second lieutenant.

There was an elegant spread at the Krebs café, and all the boys were there. The promotion of Lieut. Cassell to the position of captain is well deserved. He is one of the best posted military young men in the regiment, and will be a credit to the company and the state service.

Bulletin Sentenial, August 22, 1895

The Kentwood Tennis Club went out to Riverside last night and played tennis afterwhich they ate lunch at the park.  In the party were  Dr. C. M. Wood, Dr. L. E. Coonradt, .......Irene Cassell, .........

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)
April 5 1897

Children's Party at the Armory

There was a merry time at Guard's armory Saturday afternoon, it being the occasion of a children's party given by Ray and Irene Cassell. There were dancing and refreshments. Mesdames J. F. and T. A. Cassell were the chaperones, assisted by Mesdames O. R. Allen, H. L. Powell, Charles Cassell and Misses Hattie Barlow and Sallie Imboden. The grand march was led by Lennie Cassell and Hazel Quick.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1898 > April > 26

The Guards To the Front
Members of the Decatur Militia Will Leave Tomorrow Morning at 7:10 O'clock

The members of Company H, Fifth regiment, Ill., N.G. of this city will leave Decatur tomorrow morning at 7:10 o'clock for Springfield where they will join the other troops of this state. The order to moove was received last night and the time of leaving has been positiviely decided upon.

Roster of Co. H.
Captain - J. Frank Cassell
First Lieutenant - L. G. Chandler
Second Lieutenat - Elmer Reavis
Fist Sergeant - Will Heiner
Sergeants - A. B. Davis, William Layton, Leo J. Heiner, George Barney
Corporals - Charles Davis, Samuel May, George Young, Charles Newcomb, Frederick Wismer
Musicians - Louis Cassell, Ralph Wismer

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1898 > June > 1

Mrs. Frank Cassel went to Chickamauga Park, Ga., to see her husband.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) > 1899 > May > 22

Captain Cassell in the City

Captain Frank Cassell of the Decatur Guards, spent Sunday at home, leaving for Pana this morning. The impression prevails at Pana that the guards will be relieved of further duty this week and that all will be back home by Saturday night.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1899 > July > 30

Captain Cassell went to Chicago yesterday afternoon.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1899 > November > 13

Cassell's Party

Last Saturday was the birthday of Captain J. F. Cassell of company H and the members of the company celebrated the occasion by giving the captain a surprise party. A large number of the boys called at the captain's home, 1104 East Prairie street, and passed a pleasant evening.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1901 > April > 16

A pleasant surprise was planned on Arthur Bray at his home last evening. The evening was spent with games and refreshements were served at a late hour. Those present were: Olive Gott, Irene Cassell, Ray Cassell, Florence Coolman, Blanche Head, Gertrude Young, Mabel Drake, Amy Bray, Eugene Foster, Arthur Bray, Earl Kepier, James Rodems, Olga Funk, Arthur Michel, Earl Mann, Glen Riccord, Grover Burkett.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1901 > August > 7

New Bowling Alley

Captain J. F. Cassell will in a few days open a bowling alley in the store room at 337 North Water street, the place recently vacated by the candy kitchen. The bowling alleys are now being put in place in the room.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1901 > August > 9

Mrs. J. F. Cassell and daughter, Miss Irene, have gone to Chicago on a visit to friends, Mrs. Cassell will be away about two weeks and her daughter will visit in Chicago several months.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1901 > September > 15

Captain J. F. Cassell and Charles and Thomas Cassell and their wives, who have been camping at Spangler's bridge, expect to return home Monday.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1901 > December > 30

J. F. Cassell, manager of the Brunswick bowling alleys, went to Peoria this morning with two Decatur teams that are to play today in the state bowling tournament. The men on the two teams are Coppage, Mahannah, Curry, Funk, Pilcher, martin, Radcliff, Askins, Kelly and Shilling.

Decatur Herald (Decatur, Illinois) > 1903 > January > 7

Captain Cassell and Howard Hanthorn, proprietors of the Brunswick alleys will in a few days open up an up-to-date shooting gallery under the alleys on North Water street.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1903 > June > 10

Company H was ordered Wednesday to go to East St. Louis to assist in guarding property. Captain Cassell got the orders in the morning and arranged to leave at 4 in the afternoon, going to way of Sandoval.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1903 > November > 3

Company H Election

An election has been called in Company H for Nov. 10, for election of captain, J. F. Cassell's time having expired. Captain Cassell will be re-elected as there is no apparent opposition. In case Cassell is elected major on Nov. 12, another captain will have to be elected later.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1903 > November > 11

Captain J. Frank Cassell of company H was re-elected commanding officer of the company last night. There was no other candidate and his election was unanimous. There was a good turnout of the members. Captain Cassell is regarded as one of the best company commanders in the Illinois National guard. He has been a member of company H for many years and has held every position from high private of the rear rank to that of captain. He has always taken great interest in the company and has the respect and esteem of all the members. He has brought the company up to a high standard of excellence.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1904 > July > 2

Beside being the regimental headquarters of about 1,000 men by virtue of the citizenship here of Colonel Wells, Decatur is also the battalion headquarters, through Major Cassell, the headquarters of a regimental band and of a hospital corps.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1905 > February > 14


After the inspection Colonel Wells entertained the officers of the regiment at a luncheon and smoker in the Decatur club rooms and Major Cassell took the non-commissioned staff officers to the Elks room where he entertained them pleasantly.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1907 > July > 5

The official announcement of the appointment of Col. Wells to the head of the brigade has not yet been made. Confirmation, however, has been given by Gov. Deneen and the appointment itself is merely a matter of formality which will happen shortly. Then the announcement of the brigadier general's staff will be made by Col. Wells.

One of the three majors will succeed Lieutenant Colonel Cabanis if he is elected to the command of the Fifth. Of these three Major J. Frank Cassell of Decatur is one of the most likely to step to this honor.

Taken From the Decatur Daily Review

June 5, 1913
Cassell Family Reunion

A family reunion was held Sunday afternoon and evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Linehan, 344 North Water street.  A four course dinner was served.  The table was decorated with pink and white carnations and ferns.  Those present were John Cassell, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cassell, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cassell, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Cassell, Dr. and Mrs. L. E. Cassell, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cassell, Louis Cassell, Otto Cassell and sons, Harold and Everett, Mrs. Ella Danley and son Ralph, Mrs. Annie Andrews and daughters, Grace and Mildred, Mr. and Mrs. William Stivers and children, Mrs. Kate Chandler and brother, Dave Albert.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) > 1914 > April > 11

Mrs. J. F. Cassell entertained thirty-five of her friends at an afternoon reception Friday in her home, 1104 East Prairie street. Dinner was served and music was on the program during the early evening.

The Decatur Review

May 1, 1915

Mrs. Frank Cassell Surprised.

Mrs. Frank Cassell, 1164 Prattle street, was given a surprise party Wednesday when a number of her friends called on her in the morning and spent the entire day with her. The party was in honor of her birthday and was arranged by her daughter Mrs. Arthur Bray. At 2 o’clock a chicken dinner was served and one feature was the large birthday cake decorated with candles and amilax, which was baked by Mrs. A. L. Kirk.

Decatur Review, August 22, 1920

The Golden Glow club will meet Tuesday all day at Fairview park, honoring Mrs. Frank Cassell, a charter member, who is now residing in Chicago.

Decatur Review, July 12, 1922

Frank Cassell is Radio Fan

Frank Cassell of Chicago is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Art Bray, 1046 East Main Street. Mr. Cassell is an enthusiastic radio fan and has constructed three large receiving sets, a two stage, three stage and four stage, the latter having two stages of radio and two audio. This set, Mr. Cassell brought to Decatur and placed it in operation for experimental purposes and entertainment.


Florid, July 16, 1924

Mrs. John Linnehan and aged father, John Cassell, Mrs. Frank Andrews all of Decatur, also Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cassell of Chicago came Monday for a visit with their sister and daughter, Mrs. Ella Danley.


Florid, July 17, 1924

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cassell of Chicago, John Cassell, Mrs. John Lineham and Mrs. Frank Andrews of Decatur came Monday night for a few days visit with Mrs. Ella Cassell Danley. John Cassell is 96 years old but stood the 100 mile trip by auto quite well.

Decatur Review, July 16, 1927

Captain Frank Cassell, who was raising a company of local infantry to take the place of the local national guard company, which had been called to war, received word the Decatur company would be mustered in the next day.

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