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Esther Cassell (1821-?)

Esther Cassell was born on October 1, 1821 in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. Esther spent her childhood in Dauphin and Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. At the age of 17, she married Thomas B. Albert in 1838 in Pennsylvania. Before 1841, Esther and Thomas had moved to Putnam County, Illinois and settled near Hennepin. Esther and Thomas had five children; Sara E.,William Augustus, Jeremia, and Rosa and another child. Jeremiah died in childhood.

Esther and her family continued living in Putnam County until sometime before 1860. They then moved to Decatur, Illinois. Esther continued to live in Decatur, Illinois until after her husband’s death on Sept 3, 1900. She then moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to live with her daughters, Rosa and Sara.  "To the time of her death, she read daily, historical subjects being her favorites." She died early on a Wednesday morning.   At the time of her death, she had nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Thomas B. Albert (1815-1900)

Thomas B. Albert was born in November of 1815 in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. Thomas married Esther Cassell in 1838 while living in Pennsylvania. They moved to Putnam County, Illinois sometime before 1841. Thomas and Esther had 5 children, William, Sara, Jeremiah, Rosa and another child.

Thomas and Esther lived in Putnam County for 20 years. Around 1860, they moved to Decatur, Illinois where Thomas worked as a hotel keeper for his brother-in-law, Berry H. Cassell. He served a short term for the 4th ward of Decatur in 1864. By 1870, Thomas was working as a clerk. He served as a Justice for the Peace for 18 years.. According to the Putnam Record, the local paper for Putnam County, when Thomas and Esther Albert came to Florid in February of 1882 for her brother Christian's funeral, Thomas had not seen his brother Daniel in 11 years.  After he retired in 1889, Thomas and Esther went to live with her brother, Berry Hill. Ten years before his death, Thomas became ill with Brights disease. He died on Sept. 3, 1900 at his home on Cassell’s Hill in Decatur, Illinois. He was buried in the Greenwood Cemetery, Decatur, Illinois.

(Christian Cassel - John - Christian - William - Michael)

Michael L. Cassell (1824-1900)

Michael L. Cassell was born in 1824 near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He spent his early life on his family’s farm there. Michael and his brothers started helping their father on the farm at an early age. As a young boy, he learned to swing an axe, cradle and sythe which were the principle farm implements during that time. Whenever possible during the winter season, Michael attended the local school which was held in a log cabin and did his lessons on a slab bench.

In 1839, Michael’s brother, Berry, convinced his parents to join their brothers, Augustus, Joseph and Christian - who were living in Illinois., They started on their journey in the fall of 1839.  Michael and his family traveled down the canal from Harrisburg to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The water was so low that steamers could not run so the family traveled by keelboat to Louisville, Kentucky. The trip took them 21 days.

In Louisville, Michael and his family rented a house to wait for low water. After a few weeks, they grew tired of waiting and purchased a one horse wagon. Michael and his family came by land from Louisville, Kentucky to Decatur, Illinois. By this time the weather was so severe that  his brother, Berry froze his feet during the trip. They arrived in Decatur, Illinois on the November 20, 1839. By this time the snow was 4 foot deep and the weather so severe that they couldn’t travel any further. His brother, Berry notified his brothers living in Putnam County, and one came to pick up them up to take them to their new home.

Michael married Martha Koonz on October 6, 1844 in Putnam County, Illinois.  They were married by Michael's brother, Augustus who was a Justice of the Peace.  Michael and Martha settled in Putnam County. They had two daughters, Anna R. was born in 1847 and Mary A. was born in 1849. Michael and his family was listed as living in Hennepin Township in the 1850 Putnam County Census.

It’s unknown what happened to Martha, but in 1852, Michael remarrid to Mary Gladin. Michael and Mary lived in Illinois from 1852 to 1854. During that time they had 2 children, Elmyra and Charles. By 1856, Michael had moved his family to Iowa. While living in Iowa, Michael served during the Civil WAr in Company K, 4th Iowa Infantry. Michael and Mary also had 4 more children while living in Iowa. They were Idela, Margarette, Ida and Mattie.

In 1867, Michael joined his brothers Berry and Henry who were living in Decatur, Illinois. By 1870. he had purchased a small farm where he continued to live most of his adult life. He became a member of the Uniited Brethren church and was a devoted Christian all of his life. Michael was also a member of the Dunham post, No. 141, G.A.R.

In 1891, Michael suffered a stroke which left him partially paralyzed the remainder of his life. His wife, Mary died in 1896 and after that Michael’s daughter Della took care of him at her home in Decatur, Illinois. On Tuesday, November 6, 1900, Michael suffered another stroke from which he never recovered. He died the following Sunday at 4:30 PM on November 11, 1900. Michael was laid to rest beside his wife in the Greenwood cemetary in Decatur, Illinois.

Mary Griner or Gladin Cassell (1824-1896)

Mary Griner was born in 1824 in Virginia. By the early 1850’s, her family was living in Putnam County, Illinois. In 1852, Mary married Michael L. Cassell in Putnam County, Illinois. They had 6 children, Elmyra, Charles, Ida, Margarette, Idela, and Mattie. Mary and Michael lived in Illinois from 1852 to 1854. By 1857, they had moved to Iowa where they lived for the next 8 years. In 1867, Mary and Michael moved to Decatur, Illinois where they remained for the rest of their lives. Mary died around September 8 of 1896. She was buried in the Greenwood cemetery in Decatur, Illinois.