The Family of John Daily and Catherine Becker

John Daily (1802-1864)

John Daily was born on January 24, 1802 in Lebanon County Pennsylvania.  He probably spent most of his early years in Lebanon County.  In 1827 he married Catherine Becker.  They lived in South Lebanon Township, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania in 1840. In 1850 they lived in Londonderry Township, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, where John worked as a farmer.  John and Catherine had 10 children - all born in Pennsylvania.

Between 1850 and 1860, John and his family had moved to Danville twp, Des Moines Co, Iowa, where he once again worked as a farmer.  John continued to live in Iowa the remainder of his life.  He died on February 29, 1864, in Danville Twp, Des Moines Co., Iowa.  After his death he was laid to rest in the Blakeway cemetery, Danville Twp, Iowa.

Catherine Carolyn Becker Daily (1806-1886)

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William B. Daily (1831-1864)

William B. Daily was born about 1831 in Pennsylvania.  In the early 1850's his family moved to Danville township, Des Moines county, Iowa.  William married Anna Landes on June 10, 1856. They were married by William Vance in Des Moines county, Iowa.   William and Anna had two daughters, Louisa Jane (Jennie) and Anna Catherine. In 1860 they were living in Danwille township, where William worked as a farmer and blacksmith.   William enlisted in the army during the Civil War.  During the war, he contracted an illness (probably dysentary) and died on June 19, 1864 at Cumberland Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee.  He was buried in the National Cemetery in Nashville, Tennessee on June 21, 1864.  His grave is #8170. and reads "W. B. Dailey".   Here is the last letter he sent his family.

"My dear wife,
A few line in answer to your letters received this morning and wasn't able to answer as I should.  I was taken very suddenly ill on Sunday morning and am able to set up tonight and this morning.  Write soon and don't forget me in your prayers.  Thanks to you my loving wife."

Henry B. Daily (1838-1897)

Henry B. Daily was born on May 22, 1838 in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  In the early 1850's his family moved to Danville township, Des Moines county, Iowa.  As a young man,  Henry worked as a farm hand in Des Moines county, Iowa.  After his brother died in the civil war, Henry married brother's widow, Anne Landes on February 2, 1865.. They were married by David Landes, Justice of the Peace in Des Moines County, Iowa.  Henry and Anna had 4 children, Alice, John Emma and Joseph.  

During the early 1870's Henry and his family continued to live in Danville township, where Henry farmed.  The family moved to Nodaway, Adams county, Iowa sometime between 1870 and 1873 and Henry continued to farm both places.  Henry moved to Kenesaw, Adams County, Nebraska about 1890.  There he worked as a carpenter and built his own house.  Henry died in May of 1897 in Kenesaw.

John B. Daily (1841-?)

John B. Daily was born about 1841 in Pennsylvania.  In the early 1850's, his family moved to Des Moines county, Iowa.  John married Matilda D. Jones on October 4, 1861 in Henry County, Iowa.  They had 10 children - Henry, Rosabelle, Charlotte, John T., Preston, Jesse, Emma, Frank and two unknown children.

In 1873 John and Matilda sold land they probably inherited from her father.  They moved to Adam's County, IA, where in 1880, John was a peddler.  John died sometime before 1900.

Simon Daily (1850-?)

Aaron Daily (1844-1916)

Aaron Daily was born about October 1844 in Pennsylvania.  Sometimes during the early 1850's his parents moved to Des Moines County, Iowa.  On October 4, 1866 he married Amanda Josephine Graham in Des Moines County, Iowa.  They had at least 4 children:  William, Dora E., Emma E. and Lillie J.  

Somtime after the birth of their son William in 1868, Aaron and family moved to Missouri.  Between 1870 and 1873, Aaron moved  from Missouri to Kansas. In 1880, his wife Josephine was living in Bourbon, Scott County, Kansas but Aaron was not listed in the household.  By 1883, he was living in Colorado.  Sometime after 1883 and before 1900, Aaron and family moved to California. In 1900, Aaron was living in San Diego, California.  His occupation was listed as an engineer.  In 1910 he was living in National City California where he worked as a gardner for a private family.  Aaron died on July 18, 1916 in National City, California.