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HI!! I'm Nancy Piper
Below is a list of all my pages.  Just scroll down and click on where ever you would like to go.

My Family History

My Mother's Side

The Beck Family

The Berry Family

The Cassell Family

The Daily Family  

The Stoens Family

The Dinkey Family

The Smith Family  

The Maulfair Family  

The Bear Family  

My Father's Side
The Lyons Family
The Norton Family
The Little Family

My gardens  

These are webpages that I host. Includes photos, histories, biographies, newspaper articles, obituaries, Census records, cemetery records, and much more.

Illinois History
Marshall County IL Genealogy Trails
Putnam County IL Genealogy Trails
LaSalle County IL Genealogy Trails
Bureau County IL Genealogy Trails
Stark County IL Genealogy Trails

If you have any information, that I can add, such as old photos, obituaries or newspaper articles, etc, please E-mail me.