Bessie Alice Lyons (1899-1982)

Bessie attended County Normal School in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  She went on to teach grade school in Rhinelander.  Later she worked at the Merchant State Bank in Rhinelander.  After their marriage Besie and Arthur continued living in Rhinelander, Wisconsin where Arthur worked as a lumber jack. Around 1950, they moved to Eli, Minnesotta.  In 1961, their son Richard moved them to Ottawa, Illinois.  Arthur died in 1972. After her husband's death, Bessie moved to Chicago with her youngest son, Ronnie.  Bessie is buried in the Evergreen Park Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.

Blanch (Lyons) Palmer, Bessie (Lyons) Norton
with their mother, Alice (Taylor) Lyons

James Lyons Jr. (1873-1960)

James Lyons (1827-?)

James moved to Montreal, Canada where he married Polly Davis.  James and Polly then moved to Wisconsin and settled in a little town called Howe (No longer exists - part of the Menominee Indian Reservation).  They continued living in Wisconsin the remainder of their lives.

James Lyons (1848-?)