My  New Pond

In the winter of 2002, we had something go terribly wrong with our old pond.  Half the fish died and the water turned a terrible color.   So, in the summer of 2003, we decided to build a new pond.  We wanted it closer to the house for more enjoyment and we also wanted it bigger.  The old pond was about 5 x 8.  The new pond measures 12 x 8 and is a little deeper (about 31" deep).  These are photos of the pond after digging.  I wasn't sure how to go about putting plant pockets in so I just made wide shelves.  If I ever empty it again though, I'm going to make the shelf on the right a little deeper.  It's not quite deep enough for good coverage for water lilies.

Another view of the pond after digging.  We used a lot of the dirt to fill in the old pond.  What is left was spread out and will be used to fill in an old playground area this spring

Here's a picture of the completed pond before adding the biofalls.  You can see the old homemade biofilter sticking out of the lilies.  In the back are old-fashioned daylilies and pink longaflorium lilies.  The everygreen is a Norway spruce.  In the pond is sweet flag we divided up from the old pond and yellow water lilies.

Here's a picture after adding the biofalls.  I don't have any rocks around the falls yet and we still hadn't removed the old biofilter.  We added some water hyacinths and a new water lily.  It have gorgeous deep pink blooms all summer.  I hope it survived the winter.

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