The Family of Peter Berry

Peter Berry (1730-1795)

Peter Berry was born about 1730 in Alsace Larrane, Germany.  He probably came to America with a group of laborers brought from Germany to Massachusettes in 1751 and 1752 on the ships Priscilla and the St. Andrew.  He was one of the original signers of the Lexinton, Massachusettes grant in December 1757.  However, after signing the grant, Peter chose not to settle in Lexington, but moved elsewhere.

Peter married Margaret Kiblinger on march 11, 1755 in Boston, Massachusettes. Peter and his wife settled at first in Boston, Massachusettes. By the birth of their daughter Barbara in 1767, they had moved to Montgomery County, PA.  Peter took the Oath of Allegiance to the state of Pennsylvania on May 30, 1778.

During the Revoluntionary War, he was a Captain in the regiment of Col. Greenawalt.  They marched from the town of Lebanon through Reading to Bergen in New York.  On their return, they marched from Bergen to Edinburg, then to Brunswick, then through Princeton to Trenton. They then marched back through Easton and Reading and back to Lebanon.

Peter was a very good and well-known gunsmith - second only to Johannes P. Beck. His rifles and fowlers were known for their uniform high quality in style and workmanship and were extravegently engraved.  Peter's "signature" on his guns was a carved pattern on the cheek side of his stocks. The engraving was in the form of a capital C and resembled an illuminated letter from mediaval manuscript.  Peter also would engrave "P Berry" on the top face of the barrel in script letters and had a unique design on the patch-box finial.

Peter's wife, Margaret died sometime before 1782.  Peter then married Maria Margaret Noacre in 1782.  Around 1786, Peter moved to near Meyerstown, Heidelburg Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. He continued to live there the remainder of his life. By the time of his death, he owned 85 acres of land. The land was sold and divided equally among his wife and children.  Peter died on August 29, 1795 in Heidelburg Township, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.  His final resting place is unknown at this time.


1.  Barbara Cassel (nee Berry) (1767-1828)

Barbara Berry was born in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania on March 11, 1767. As a very young woman, she married Christian Cassel. Barbara and Christian settled in Annville (Millerstown), Lebanon County, Pennsylvania where they lived the remainder of their lives.  After her death she was buried in the Jerusalem Lutheran Church Cemetery, Annville, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.


2.  Henrich “Henry” Berry (1761-1826)

Henry Berry was born in either Massachusettes or Pennsylvania.  By the time of the birth of his sister, Barbara, his family was living in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

As a young man, Henry married Esther Cassel.  Henry and Esther settled in Annville, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.  Henry Berry was the "Baumeister" or master-builder of the Jerusalem Church in Annville, Pennsylvania.  The Baumeister was a man chosen by the church to design and build their church. Henry lived in Annville, Pennsylvania most of his life.  Before his death he had acquired property in Annville, 170 acres in Union County, Pennsylvania, and a small tract of land in Hanover Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  

After his death, Henry was buried in the Jerusalem Church cemetery, in Annville, Pennsylvania.  His property was either sold or given to his benefactors according to his will. His wife was given his properties in Annville to have until her death.


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